It Figures #1


(Welcome to a new feature on PGPoA–It Figures. They’re basically one-shot figuretoons, and will be replacing the Pic of the Day–at least for now.)


Review > T-R.I.P. (Terminator Salvation 6″)


Odds ‘n Ends


  1. Red Kryptonite

    Everyone – let's sing the Jet Jaguar fight song!

  2. clark

    Why did I not buy this batman when I saw him at target? Oh, that's right, because I thought Mattel's distribution issues were getting better and I would see him again another day….I'm such an idiot.

  3. Poe


    My review of him will be up tomorrow, so maybe that will jog your memory a bit.

  4. Why do I remember Jet Jaguar so fondly? Shoot, now I kinda want one.

  5. Poe

    Yeah, off eBay. Price wasn't bad though–I paid maybe $2 more than I would have at Newbury Comics, including shipping.

  6. Ed

    You finally snagged a Jet Jaguar eh?

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