Most Wanted: Mercenary Gunman

I'm a lead farmer motherf****r

Welcome to a new feature where I publicize some rare or out-of-production figure I’m looking for. I’m thinking I may make this available to anyone–people can submit their “Most Wanted” holy grail figures/toys and I can spotlight them. Thoughts?

Anyway, I’ve been trying to track down this guy for years: the Mercenary Gunman from the second wave of 6″ Special Forces figures by Plan-B Toys. (The first wave was produced by Resaurus, who then went under.) As for why I want it…there’s something appealing about a generic evil guy, I guess. Especially one with a burlap sack on his head.

Somewhat ironically, I recently found the Team 6 Red Cell figure off eBay, but the Mercenary Gunman continues to elude me…despite having been sold for a mere $16 in a Buy-It-Now auction two months ago that I totally missed, damn it all.

So…does anyone have one for sale or trade? If so, email me. And if you’d like to submit a “Most Wanted” of your own, email me with the relevant info and a contact email.


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  1. Damn, now I want that sack head guy.


  2. PrfktTear – Transmetal ONE. That big blue gorilla will always be close to my childhood memories. And yeah they are Still GREAT toys.

    Megaduce Flare – Dude, thank you! That friggin' thing has been eluding me for years.

  3. Poe


    Is this what you're talking about? |||||||VINTAGE 1950's HARTLAND WYATT EARP GUNFIGHTER w/BOX!

  4. Marvel Legends Nova and Tigra? *cries*

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