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It’s the triumphant return of Odds ‘n Ends! At least for this week.

  • I downloaded Pearl Jam’s Ten: Legacy Edition off Itunes. It features the original album as well as a new mix by frequent PJ collaborator Brendan O’Brien. I have to say, the O’Brien mixes, while subtle, really give the songs a fresh sound. There’s a certain grittiness and immediacy to the album that wasn’t in the over-produced original mix. You can hear a lot more of Vedder’s vocal inflection (including a little bit of dialogue during the solo of Even Flow I’d never heard before), while the reverb has been brought way down across the board. Of course, my biggest draw was finally getting the studio version of the legendary Brother, a classic Ten-era unreleased Pearl Jam song.
  • After pushing back their release for two months, Mattel has finally put Ultraman and Alex Luthor on Mattyc0llector.com. And don’t forget, Mer-Man goes on sale tomorrow at noon EDT.
  • Last night’s Big Bang Theory was incredibly geeky. I can’t believe how specific and timely the comic debates were. I also can’t believe the comic book guy thought Jason Todd should be the new Batman. I hate Jason Todd. And Damian Wayne.
  • For Easter, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal gave me the re-releases of Bebop and Rocksteady. Now I’m on a whole kick to dig out my original TMNT figures and track down a few I lost over the years. I’ll probably nab the re-release Shredder when it comes out, too. Coincidentally, I gave DMG the re-release of April O’Neil for her female action figure collection.


It Figures #1


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  1. Last night's Big Bang Theory was great. I think its the nerdiest it's been!

    I loved the part when Leonard turns off the tv and Sheldon was like, "something must be wrong you turned off the tv in the middle of the Deep Space Nine-Star Trek Orignal Series "Trouble With Tribbles" crossover".

  2. Cade

    scott, that doesn't mean you can't buy the back issues…she wasn't asking for the most current stuff. Sheldon being who he is would list all the spider titles even if they aren't currently published.

  3. Scott

    "Yeah the big bang writers were really on the mark with all the comic references. I was surprised at how correct they were."

    And yet they didn't know there isn't any more "Sensational Spider-Man" and whatever other names they mentioned. Guess they're more DC fans than Marvel. 🙂

  4. Frowny McBeard

    Yeah, I was pretty much done with Turtles by the time those rolled out, (as well as the questionable sports themed ones) but at least his head was shiny enough.

    Wouldn't mind the classic Foot soldier though.

  5. Poe

    That, plus his fixed stance and giant head. I never understood why they didn't make another, better "regular" Shredder in that line.

    I guess there was Slice and Dice Shredder, but I always hated action features.

  6. Frowny McBeard

    My most lasting memory of the Shredder figure was his intense manorexia.

  7. The new Ten's out!?

    *rushes off*

  8. Cade

    Yeah the big bang writers were really on the mark with all the comic references. I was surprised at how correct they were.

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