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It’s Guy Love, Between Two Guys by Poe Ghostal



Review > Blue Beetle (DC Universe Classics)


Batman: Hostage


  1. Michael Lovrine

    just the intent.."it was intent"..Fox News would have a field day.

  2. Tom-Tom

    @Poe: Howdy…

  3. They're hetero life mates. Its a "Bromance".

  4. Mumma Ghostal

    Nice picture…only mildly disturbing on a few superficial levels…

  5. Poe

    Tom-Tom! Haven't seen you around here as much lately.

  6. Tom-Tom

    Awesome Scrubs reference.

  7. Hey! Neither one of those is Guy! 😛

  8. Digby

    I always felt bad for Skeets when Ted was around.

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