Poll Quest

As of this writing, I’ve got 272 votes on the poll in the sidebar…I’d love to get that up to 300 before the poll ends tomorrow night. If you haven’t voted, please do! If you have, please bug your DC-loving friends to do so!

The results of the poll will be emailed to Mattel (this isn’t any sort of official poll, obviously, but it could give them some ideas).


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)


Review > City Display (Action Figure Displays)


  1. jim

    martian manhunter

  2. Templar

    Yes, J'onn J'onzz is basically the only original JLA founding member we're all waiting for in the DCUC line…..Perhaps even a modern variant of him during the Final Crisis epic???

    If any more obscure DC characters were entertained to be produced by Mattel,

    what about a Hush-era Lady Shiva ??

    Or the 70's version of Star Spangled Kid (male version) and Americommando (nemesis of the Freedom Fighters)???

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