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The folks at Action Figure Displays are still hard at work creating some of the coolest backdrops for your action figures, and they’ve made some improvements on the original design (see my review of the Alley set here). The displays are now 10 ½” tall, which is 2 ½” taller than before.

JDP was kind enough to send along another sample, this time of the City backdrop. The new dimensions are 13.5″W x 10.5″H x 7.75″D, and as you can see, even a giant BAF like Solomon Grundy can now stand comfortably beneath the top of the display.

The City display has a great Gotham look to it, complete with a misty full moon and cloud-shrouded skyscrapers. What impresses me most, though, is the way the top of the brick wall offers a fantastic 3D effect (it’s most evident in the Two-Face shot).

As Dr. Mrs. Ghostal noted to me, the City set is tailor-made for the likes of Batman and his allies, although the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and any other rooftop-loving characters (Neo from The Matrix, the Tick, etc.) would work great as well.

As much as I loved the Alley set, I have to say the City set is even better. And the added height for the same price as the original versions make for a greater value.

What’s more, JDP will soon be offering peg stands to help those wobbly figures stand better. They’ve also added a number of new designs and are looking to add many more in the near future (I particularly like the look of the Jungle base).

With a great product and a committment to improvement in both design and value, JDP is quickly becoming a major player in the action figure accessory market.


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  1. Thats some slick stuff… i need more shelves before I delve into a theme set like that. But the price is right! So i'll keep them in mind!

  2. Templar

    Great shots again, Poe! Perhaps just a tad too bright for an urban nightscape, but I'm sure you just wanted to show a bit more detail….Definitely want this city and alley backgrounds…..hmmmm, wonder if they'll do a daytime urban version as well?

    Also noticed how you crouched DCUC Nightwing in the pic – as he is a hair taller than DCSH Batman (I have the Blue & Grey-series 3), from crown to crown minus the Bat-ears, when they're standing straight together!! Again, thanks for the AFD updates …..

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