The DCUC Batman I want

Pardon my mediocre Photoshop skills…couldn’t quite clear out all that mud.



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  1. I agree with Monte; the DCUC sculpt isn't the best. The main culprits are the shoulders and the too-broad chest. In contrast, I was comparing my 2003 Mattel Batman with my DCUC Green Lantern and Hawkman, and was impressed by how well the sculpt held up next to them. Aside from the smallish head, that's my favorite Mattel Batman sculpt.

  2. clark

    I agree with David that the first head sculpt for Batman was the best. I've got some Toys R Us exclusive batman (I hope y'all know what I'm talking about, came in a pack with Robin) that looks almost like this. His leg articulation only has t-hip, knees and ankles but on looks alone he is my definitive Batman.

  3. George

    Yea i want this batman.2. Probably never gonna get it because they'll have something like wet suit batman, and Mullet Batman or some other nonsense.

  4. Frogster

    To coin Michael Crawford's phrase, I too am a "bat whore" and I am not a fan of this sculpt. Cape is too short, and this figure just looks so off to me when you you see the relation to the shoulders and torso. My fave Bat figure in this scale is the Jim Lee influenced blue/grey and rare black/grey versions under DCSH banner.

  5. David

    I agree Poe, except I want dark blue instead of the black and a longer cape. The only Batman head the 4H have done that I liked is the very first one when the line was just Batman. Very Neal Adams, and this head looks like it.

  6. Mark

    @Monte…… what ever happened to Geek Creek? It was a great site. I miss your Sigma 6 rants LOL, and the great photos.

  7. To me that sculpt is awkward. The way his shoulders are hunched is distracting, and his upper torso in general seems misshapen somehow.

    But then, I'm not a fan of the articulation of this series, so clearly I'm in the minority. I never liked the look of most Marvel Legends figures, either.

    That said, I concede that he looks better without the mud.

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