fanmode-copy Poe Ghostal reviews the Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-8 Grimlock figure. Excerpt: “… a superb tribute to one of the most popular Transformers ever.” (See also.)

Poe Ghostal reviews the Playmates Toys Terminator Salvation T-R.I.P. Resistance Infiltrator Prototype (Deluxe version) 6-inch figure. Excerpt: “… it’s nice to have an Endoskeleton in the 6″ scale.”

Michael Crawford reviews the Playmates Toys Star Trek Galaxy Collection Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Original Spock and Nero figures. Excerpt: “… what I’ve seen so far indicates the quality of the sets will be much higher than the figures.”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Marvel Universe Ronin figure. Excerpt: “… Mattel’s Infinite Heroes are amazing disappointments in every imaginable way, and Hasbro’s ‘Marvel Universe’ line has blown them out of the water with its first releases.”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Star Wars Comic Packs 14 Wedge Antilles and Borsk Fey’lya two-pack from the Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron comic. Excerpt: “… we’ve never had any Bothans before.” (See also.)

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Transformers Animated Deluxe class Samurai Prowl figure. Excerpt: “… if you did buy Prowl early, the differences between that release and this release are substantial enough that you won’t feel screwed by getting this one.” (See also.)

Corey Tincher reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Big Barda (helmeted version) figure. Excerpt: “… she’s just a solid, though not amazing value.” (See also.)

Jeff Parker reviews the ZC Girl Bank Robber Carol 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “The only slight let down is the simplicity of the sculpt …”

Artemis reviews the Mezco Toyz The Spirit Sand Saref figure. Excerpt: “… she’s a decent if unremarkable figure of an attractive woman standing still and aiming a pistol.”

Erin Snyder reviews the International Playthings Mighty World Ken’s Kayak Adventure set. Excerpt: “… this guy kind of looks like Charlie Brown grew up and then, one day, he just snapped.”

Scott Rubin reviews the Bandai Ben 10 Alien Force Alien Collection Big Chill and Brainstorm 4-inch scale figures. Excerpt: “… two excellent figures with great designs and cool features.”

Artemis reviews the Lego Bionicle 8954 Mazeka set. Excerpt: “… a properly complex build that ought to satisfy any serious-minded Lego enthusiast.”

Retro reviews

Darren Cilenti reviews the Takara Transformers Masterforce C-305 Ranger figure. Excerpt: “A somewhat bland mould, Ranger avoids the unusual colours used on Joyride and goes for a more orthodox colour scheme.”

Nathan Newell reviews the Kenner Batman The Dark Knight Collection Iron Winch Batman figure. Excerpt: “… one of the few Batman repaints with a color scheme that actually seems like something Batman would wear.”

Philip Reed reviews the Kenner Star Wars AST-5 Armored Sentinel Transport toy. Excerpt: “A weird-looking contraption that’s either a flying machine, a stationary gun emplacement, or some combination of each …”