You Sunk My Movie Themed G.I. Joe Vehicle

You know what sucks about G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra aside from almost everything revealed about it so far? The fact that there’s all these new G.I. Joe tie-in products that have almost nothing to do with the Joes that I love. They’re filled with all this newfangled Joe movie stuff that certainly does nothing to bank on my nostalgia and therefore my insane desire to buy anything beloved from the days of my youth. Take G.I. Joe Battleship for example. It’s a cool update to one of my favorite board games of all time, yet there’s nary a classic vehicle or character on the box. Of course, there is the updated Night Raven, but it’s not THE Night Raven.


Hot damn, now I know what it’s like to be one of those old guys who only collects the classic 12-inch Joes. It sucks.

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  1. dayraven

    paul- i know, i got the tone, hence my use of the sterostype… but in some sense, i'm willing to bet there are very serious guys who nearly fit that bill venting frustrations elsewhere that very much mirror yours, but being 100% serious on the topic.

    as for my being a CEO- sorry, i still have my soul. ๐Ÿ™‚ i think of most things, movies, toys, sex, the more often you leave your audience just a little unfulfilled, just wanting a little more, the better you score w/ the sequel. could just be me though…

  2. Michael Lovrine

    gonna see the movie for the funny hilarious side. i'm sure they'll be a rifftrax released later.

  3. Valo487

    I just feel it's foolish to take away something so popular for something that relies solely on impulse to make its' sales. Sure, the movie COULD be awesome and we could all be sitting here in a few months kicking ourselves for not seeing the brilliance of fishbowl Cobra Commander and generic army guy Zartan (seriously, WTF?!?!) but this movie wouldn't even be getting made if the fans hadn't continuously stayed with the line and its characters. Don't believe me? C.O.P.S. M.A.S.K. Moving on. I'd still buy Sigma 6 if they brought it back. I'd buy 25th as long as the line was alive. But the movie line simply doesn't have the ability to sustain a long lasting line, yet Hasbro is putting all their stock in it. Case in point, they're already releasing movie versions of classic characters which is basically the 25th mold in gray and black camo. Originally I didn't care as the25th line was just to be on hold, but the latest Q&A definitely makes it sound like it's movie only going forward. This isn't Star Wars. You can't build a universe from one movie, and if they think they can they better hope the movie is incredible. I really don't want to see the Joe line take so many giant steps backward after all this time.

  4. 1. How did you know that I'm a 40 year old guy who lives in my Mom's basement? It's so stereotypical for someone to say that, but in my case it's ENTIRELY TRUE.

    As to your point, the post was written a bit tongue in cheek. I realize that the movie toys are aimed at kids, but you can be damned sure they are trying to get collectors to buy them as well. I was stating that I personally can't get into it since I'm nostalgia based in my purchases. I wasn't saying they were horrible products or that Hasbro was stupid for making them.

    2. Oh yeah, it makes perfect business sense to end a successful line early. You should be a CEO.

  5. dayraven

    i have two comments here:

    1) to the guy whose piece started all this… ever think the movie toys aren't for you? there's a whole new generation (read: kids) for whom the movie will be their first major exposure to GI joe, and they'll gobble that stuff up. my kids got introduced to gi joe during the sigma 6 run and they loved it, they jumped right in, and got to know the gi joniverse and i promise, they'll want movie stuff. i'm sorry that hasbro hasn't considered or taken seriously the "40 year old guy in his mom's basement" demographic when considering which board games to co-op for movie crossovers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2) to the guys wondering why 25th is going away… it's part of hasbro's new corporate strategy- go out on top. sigma 6 was still clipping right along when they canned that, as someone else poited out, they did the same w/ binaltech… they figured out the golden rule… cancel a popular line while it's still hot, then, in two years, when you release a new permuation, no matter how craptastic is it actually is, or how badly they've jacked up the price tag, fans of the old line will buy it because it's all there is for that property… then, just when fans come around and get excited about what they're getting… kill it again. the only reason ML has lasted is they basically screwed the pooch right from the starting gun. it's not like this is a new strategy, so why does it seem we collector's are so reluctan to catch on? they are incorrecly betting on the Buy Impulse, that we'll buy anything they put out… and i for one, won't.

  6. Mark

    I keep saying there will be a lot of money saved but there is some excellent Cobra Troops in the movie line the snow vipers or whatever they are called.

  7. Valo487

    Thanks Griffin. Considering how the 25th line has been a huge success, I think them placing it on indefinite hold is a huge mistake, especially considering the current state of the economy, I'd stick with what works. A lot of it is also fear, plain and simple. I still miss Sigma 6 and don't want to see this line end in favor of the movie toys, which are hit and miss in my opinion. Excluding Zartan(WTF happened to him??) the Cobras look cool but the Joes are bland at best. I feel like even if they're a hit at first it won't last and retail will become gunshy about new Joe items, no matter the style.

  8. Dark Angel

    I just keep telling myself, as a Joe and a TF collector, I will be saving a LOT of money this summer…

  9. Griffin

    @Valo- You make some excellent points. If Hasbro was afraid that 25th would cause movie toys to pegwarm, then why go with the less succesful toys at all. I susupect they might really be afraid that 25th would peg warm compared to the movie toys, even thought there should be room for both.

    The same thing happened to Transformers Binaltech/Alternators when the movie came out. So now I am stuck without an Alternators Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Ratchet, all because of that stinking movie.

  10. Valo487

    I just don't understand why they had to put the 25th line on hold, which now seems to be indefinite hold based on one of the latest Q & A's. Were they afraid that the 25th line would continue to sell and the movie stuff would languish forever on shelves in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Enough Lebouf fashion? I see no reason whatsoever they couldn't have a movie and a classics based line to capitalize, much like the Wolverine toys have, so people who have no interest in the movie still have something to give their money to. I'm still trying to give the G.I. Joe movie the benefit of the doubt, but it's aggravating when the Joe fans are the ones who have brought the line back time after time, through Joe VS. Cobra to Sigma 6 and now 25th, and now we're being forced to see a line we love go away despite its success because Hasbro thinks the movie is going to set the world on fire. I'm tired of starting over and not being able to give them MY money because they think something else will sell better.

  11. Mark

    The Joe movie may not be as bad as Transformers (I am more of a Transformes fan)….I have no interest in this stuff but I must say there is a couple of cool figres coming out in te movie line…mainly 25th repaints but there is some excellent fodder troops.

  12. The G.I. Joe movie will suck. The new Transformers movie will suck (maybe even more than the last one). I see both of these movies as a break from new toys for either series, since I don't have any interest in toys based on either movie.

  13. Nicholai

    I feel the same way about the new Transformers movie. While I'll watch the movie I have no interest in picking up any of the toys and while the movie hits most stores will probably reduce the number of classic Universe figures they have in exchange for movie figures.

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