Any questions for Mattel? (6/1/09)


The next round of Ask Mattel is due soon, and I’m happy to take a few of your questions to submit.

As always, I’m more likely to choose politely-expressed questions that haven’t been asked a thousand times before.


It Figures #23


Review > Commander Steel (DC Universe Classics)


  1. patrick

    how do we get replacements for defective DCU product.

  2. Megaduce Flare

    I just started collecting DC Universe Classics, but a few of the 'older' (Wave 4 and below) figures have had defects, frozen hips mostly, and have broken.

    Is it possible for me to get a defect free replacement?

  3. Mark

    Will Clawful share the same legs as Whiplash/ Buzz off or Skeletor as their were two variations released of the original?

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