It Figures #23


Poe’s note: Seriously, aside from its generally being a bad movie, Signs bugged the crap out of me. Someone in the alien invasion force did not do the due diligence in researching Earth’s environment.


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  1. Poe

    Hey, I love Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls. To each their own.

  2. I maintain, M. Night can build suspense with the best of them, but can't capitalize on it with an ending. (I do enjoy ragging on this movie, though.)

  3. I enjoyed Signs and would rank it as his second best movie (after Unbreakable).

  4. NoisyDvL5

    LOL. I hate that movie. 😀

  5. NoisyDvL5

    I love that movie.

  6. I always wondered how water could be so damaging to them and yet they could breathe our air, with all its moisture.

  7. Valo487

    I enjoyed the build up in the movie, but the end falls to pieces. And the melodrama loss-of-faith subplot was just a distraction, as we all know how it's going to end as soon as it starts. And some of the performances are really, REALLY bad. The army recruiter? The female sheriff? The expert on the news who says "it's for real?" All three are supposed to have some form of dignity and expertise as representatives of their fields, but they seem as dumb as the everyday characters in the movie, and maybe that's what M. Night Theatre was going for, but it was distracting to me on the first showing and gets worse on any subsequent viewing.

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