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Reader AG writes in with his Most Wanted. If you can help him out in any way, let me know and I’ll pass your information along.

Remember a cartoon that ran from 1993 – 1995 called “ExoSquad”?  It was an animated space-opera produced by Universal that chronicled a future war between humans and their advanced creations, the Neo-Sapiens.  In 93′, Playmates Toys introduced a line that ran until 1996, with the primary gimmick being the super-detailed mechanical “E-Frames” (mech suits) piloted by the characters from the show.  I owned a good few of them, but eventually sold a couple of the larger toys to make more space for the other lines I collected.   A couple of years ago I realized how much I liked one of the pieces I’d discarded, but I haven’t had much luck tracking down a complete one at a reasonable price.

The item I’m looking for is the Field Repair E-Frame with Lt. Maggie Weston.  It’s one of the bigger pieces in the line and was retail-priced at $25-30 when it was released in the fall of ’94.  The thing was roughly a foot tall and molded mostly in yellow plastic.  It had electronic light & sound features triggered by firing the projectile launcher on the E-Frame’s top or by moving its right arm into a firing position.  It also had a working claw on the left arm, a fold-out towing hitch, and a hidden repair station that opened from the back.  A kind of bumper was located on the front of the cockpit that caused the canopy to pop off when pressed (simulating battle damage).

The Maggie figure was about 3″ tall, fairly detailed, and had a seafoam-green outfit with sculpted yellow armor.  (As I recall, there were two versions of the figure: one with navy blue kneepads–which I had–and one with more cartoon-accurate yellow kneepads, released later.)

The biggest problem I’ve had in trying to re-acquire this toy is finding one that’s complete.  Aside from the E-Frame and its pilot, it also included two launching projectiles (one red, one yellow), a removeable translucent red canopy, a clear red fusion pack (labelled a “power cell” on the box), and Maggie had two of her own accessories: a pistol, and a non-articulated claw, both cast in yellow plastic.  The E-frame also had several other pieces that were prone to breaking off or getting lost: two black, shoulder-mounted headlamps, a fuel hose that pulled out from its lower torso, an articulated robotic arm stored in the E-Frame’s repair station, and a black “cyber-jack” in the cockpit that connected Maggie to her mech.  On top of all these goodies, the Field Repair E-Frame also came with two sheets of decals, one of which allowed kids to customize their toys with “battle damage” such as bullet holes and cracked glass.  I’ve found a few listings for Maggie and her E-Frame on eBay, but most were missing a lot of the smaller pieces.

I’ve included a couple of images of the toy (one in-package, one out) that I found online.  I don’t particularly care whether I can find this brand-new and sealed in the box, but I must insist that it is in good condition and COMPLETE, which I think may be very hard to come by loose.  I’d be thrilled if you or one of your readers could help me out.


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  1. STEVE


  2. Faust

    I know this is an old thread, but I can't not help out a fellow Exo-Junkie. There are a few on ebay right now, and a couple of them are complete! One is just 49.99, shipping included! That is dirt cheap for this figure. I just picked one up that had variant Blue colored weapons. I'm not sure how much of a rarity this variant is, but I have never seen her weapons in any color other than yellow. Unfortunately there is no site that offers a full review of all the figures and the many variants that I have found over the years. For instance, my J.T. Marsh's Aerial Attack E-Frame does not have the missiles on the wing tips painted. Lemme know how your serch goes; these things are getting harder to come by as the years go by.

  3. I posted an article about this show over at my site a while back, but Season 1 of Exo-Squad (Really just the first 13 eps) is now on DVD. I recommend everyone go pick it up.

  4. dwaltrip

    I loved this toy line. I still have my old ones. Sorry I can't help with the eFrame though.

  5. Mark

    Keep a look out on ebay UK some times they have Exo-Squad stuff….also check for Robotech as some Robotech toys were released with the Exo-Squad toys at least over, sometimes on ebay they are listed as Robotech toys.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.

  6. Megaduce Flare

    Not sure if these are in your price range, but I've found one, listed as "new" on Amazon for $99.99 + $5.99 Shipping. I just typed in Exo-Squad in the search bar, then went to 'Toys & Games.'

    I've also found one on Ebay, listed as "MINMB" that's priced @ $124.00 + Free Shipping. I just typed in Exo-Squad in the search bar, then went to 'Toys & Hobbies.'

    Hope that helps.

  7. Fengschwing

    Never heard of this one before, but it has a nice look to it, sort of reminds me of Starcom.

    Good luck finding one!

  8. No dice!

    Exosquad was a great show! I used to race home after school to catch it. The first season just came out on dvd too, and you can catch it on hulu, I don't know if they've added any more episodes, its been a while since I was last there.

    It holds up pretty well after more than fifteen years, which is more than you can say about a lot of other early '90s cartoons. It dealt with a lot of mature themes like racism, slavery, etc.

    Unfortunately I never got into the toy line.

    Good luck finding this one though!

  9. No help on the toy, I'm afraid, but did Exosquad have a conclusion, or did the show just end?

    I appreciate mecha like the E-frames, but I prefer Super Robot styles…I don't want a tank with feet, I want a giant robot with weapons that fire when you shout out their names.

  10. Oh, for what it's worth, this is not an offer to sell the toy. I love my Exosquad junk.

  11. I have this eFrame along with several others. I loved this show a lot.

    Did you know Hulu shows Exosquad? I want to watch through it again.

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