NECA reveals SDCC exclusives

While a few of these (at least April O’Neil) have been previously revealed, NECA released the full list of their SDCC exclusives on their website today.

That’s right, we’re once again dutifully heading to San Diego Comic Con, July 22-26, and we’re bringing our best convention exclusives yet!

Feast your eyes and behold!

Street Fighter 4 Guile in Charlie Costume

Based on the DLC Classic Costume Pack from Street Fighter 4, Guile pays tribute to his war buddy Charlie by donning his classic costume. This figure features over 30 points of articulation, interchangeable hands, and a newly sculpted torso and vest.

Dead Space Isaac Clarke in Unitology Suit

Isaac comes with LED Lights on the mask and spine, more than 20 points of articulation and the Unitology version of the Cutter weapon (not pictured). He features unique deco to recreate his Unitology Suit from the Dead Space video game.

Gears of War Lambent Locust Grenadier

An exclusive version of the Locust, mutated from prolonged exposure to Imulsion. The convention special Lambent Grenadier features a translucent head, torso and upper arms, with all new deco to recreate the Lambent ranks of the Locust and the Gnasher shotgun.

TMNT April O’Neil with Mousers

NECA proudly presents this special edition April O’Neil action figure, based on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. April is fully poseable and comes with two menacing Mouser villains with articulated jaws. Celebrate 25 years of TMNT with this exclusive set.

Coraline in Star Spangled Sweater

This special edition figure of Coraline from Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman‘s hit stop motion film features a brand new outfit and facial expression not available anywhere else. Coraline also sports a fully poseable bendable doll body and articulation at the neck, wrists and boots, and comes with a doll stand for display.

Note: In light of the economic situation and in gratitude to collectors and fans, NECA is proud to announce that for the sixth consecutive year the prices for our Exclusives will remain the same at the low price of $20 each.

Due to the increased costs of freight and storage at the convention site itself, we’re bringing in smaller edition sizes on all of our exclusives. For those unable to attend the San Diego Comic Con, we will be offering limited quantities online through the NECA store on Watch for more details closer to the event.

I plan to ask my SDCC mule (a term I use in the fondest meaning possible) to nab April for me and Coraline for Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, but all of these look like pretty good exclusives. Almost makes me want to try Dead Space


It Figures #21


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  1. orionpax636

    Pain…my wallet cries out in pain…

    @Philip Reed: Barbecue is right on with the Gears figures. I own a few and they're pretty solid.

    The only thing I'd add is that the restricted articulation sometimes makes balance difficult. Most of the characters are pre-posed with a wide stance so it isn't a problem, but my COG Soldier has such a narrow stance that I have no idea how to use him.

  2. @Barbecue17 – Thanks. I like the way they look, so I may have to take a chance on the series and try one of the figures.

  3. Barbecue17

    I have one of the Gears of War boxed sets and have found the figures to be extremely durable. They are big, burly action figures, just like their in-game counterparts.

  4. Those Gears of War figures look fantastic. Does anyone know how durable/playable they are? I see them on pegs and haven't ever bought one of them.

  5. dayraven

    the white "lettering?" i guess on the dead space dude is mad crazy paint aps. i like the guile-as-charlie (though that makes me despair a bit that we'll never get a proper charlie) but to me, the standout is that almbent grenadier. he looks absolutely fabulous!

  6. So who is going to be my SDCC Donkey?! 😉

  7. Digby

    will april be available outside of SDCC?

  8. Thomas B

    i want the april. i would rather have her in yellow.

    i never was one for the blue.

    years of exposure to the cartoon has made that look the iconic look for me regarding april o'neil.

  9. misterbigbo

    Soooooo, what about Shredder and the Foot? Are those toys gonna get made or what? April makes me optimistic-ish.

  10. I'm all about that Guile as Charlie. I've got the first wave of SF4 figures–I LOVE 'em.

  11. Still no clarification on the April yellow jumpsuit debacle. I'll assume the Mousers are what makes her SDCC exclusive and hope for the best.

    Where can we buy these online? I've heard NECA will put some of the Aprils online? I really want the April but I'm not going to SDCC. Someone hook me up.

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