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  • Before anyone asks, no, I didn’t see Wolverine this weekend. And I probably won’t, because I see maybe three movies at the theater a year, and I’ve already seen Watchmen and intend to see Star Trek. Terminator Salvation is a toss-up for #3.
  • As many of you know, Big Bad Toy Store got an early shipment of DC Universe Classics Wave 8, as did a few other retailers who imported directly from China. The rest of us–including those who ordered from Enchanted Toy Chest and CornerStoreComics–must wait for the domestic orders to arrive, which will probably be around the end of this month. While I’m typical of most toy collectors in that I’m quite impatient and have a penchant for instant gratification, I’ve managed to hold off buying or trading for any of the figures from this wave ahead of time. Nonetheless, it’s a bit off-putting that no matter how pessimistically far ahead I  predict I’ll receive my figures (I guessed May 20 this time), it manages to be a good deal later than that. (Of course, I’ll eat my words if they show up on or before the 20th, but that’s not a bet I’d take.)
  • Out of what could be construed as sheer despair for something to do this weekend, I finally tossed in the copy of Bioshock I borrowed from a friend six months ago. Of course I was immediately drawn in (despite how sick I am of first-person shooters). I’m not finished yet, but I’m already interested in the game’s upcoming sequel.
  • On a related note, it was with no little annoyance I saw that Batman: Arkham Asylum has been pushed back to fall. That game had better not suck. On the other hand, it sounds like the Wolverine movie game might actually be kinda awesome.
  • Today is apparently “Star Wars Day,” based entirely off the pun, “May the 4th Be With You.” According to Wikipedia this idea has been around for years, but it took today’s Twitter chatter to make me aware of it.  Anyway, Happy Star Wars Day, I guess. Celebrate in your own fashion. I recommend burning incense and singing snatches of “Good Night, But Not Goodbye,” in honor of the late Bea Arthur.
  • So what’s up with you?


Transformers: ROTF up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth


It Figures #14


  1. Frowny McBeard

    Not only am I not all that interested in Wolverine as a character(despite having 3 versions of him in Marvel Legends and as many minimates of Wolverine as they've produced), every time I see Hugh Jackman trying to be tough, this is all I think of:

    Snikt slash claw turn sashay kick turn. . .

  2. Ryan

    Would you kindly jump onto Google Chat when you finish Bioshock and discuss it with me? 😀

  3. I'll most likely watch Wolverine on DVD release or perhaps when it hits free TV. I'm really not into seeing it.

  4. Scott

    I just looked up the DC figures on Amazon and see they raised their prices to $14.99. A company that big should be able to do better than that.

  5. Drunken Fist

    I've got the collectgor's editionf of the Arkham game preordered– something I NEVER do– simply because there's no way that can exist without me owning it. The delay sucks hard, but it's preferable to them meeting the deadline by releasing an inferior product. I think this one will finally break the Batman video game curse.

    My modern Dr. Fate arrived today; I went ahead and ordered one from Amazon, since the classic version will be in my set. Just about to open him, and so far, he looks good. Having only Giganta's arm is gonna drive me nuts for the next monrht or so, though.

  6. Never heard of Star Wars day. I had completely forgotten that Bea Arthur had a Star Wars connection until you name dropped her.

    I'm excited to see Wolverine, but I'm not a rush out and see it kind of guy.

    I'm sure the Batman game will suck. I think that's required. I remember having a blast on the old NES Batman game, but it was hard as F#$^!

    The animated series ones were decent, if for no other reason than the voice work, but they weren't tons of fun.

  7. griffin

    I ordered Hawkgirl, Gent. Ghost, and the variant Dr. Fate from BBT, and so far only Dr. Fate has cleared to my pile of loot. It cleared a while ago, and I've been waiting for the other two to save on shipping, but I really don't want to wait until June. Crap.

    I picked up Blackest Night for Free Comic Book Day, and my girlfriend grabbed Savage Dragon. Blackest Night was short and a big tease with very little action, so as to whet one's appetite. And it worked. Crap.

  8. Since I'll probably have the kids in tow, I'll doubtless hold out for the cheap theatre for Wolverine, and Transformers, Up, whatever else I take them too. But I'll see Star Trek this weekend or die trying.

    The Oldest and I are slogging our way through the first X-Men Legends, which means we may have to move on to the sequel and whatever the Marvel one was called. It was an old game when we got it, but it took us a while to get used to it.

    Did you get anything for Free Comic Book Day?

  9. Today was also the first day I heard of Star Wars Day. I went ahead and bumped a mini-rig review from Wednesday to today, in honor of "May the 4th Be With You."

    I also skipped Wolverine. I expect this movie to suck. I'll probably get there eventually, but I'm in no rush to see it.

  10. Saw Wolverine – you didn't miss much. It's an easy renter, better than X3, but fairly mediocre superhero fair. It seems that they want to be dark and gritty now, and it doesn't work without the right cast and director. Best part of the movie was when the lightened up (more in the vein of IM) and had a funny bit between Wolvie and Blob.

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