Hey kids, I’ve got some more interesting Star Wars and G.I. Joe news. Let’s do this!


G.I. Joe Complete Series on DVD – Even though most of the episodes are horrendous, you know you want the whole series on DVD if you’re a G.I. Joe fan. Shout! Factory has released some deets on the 17 disc box set. It’s going to be available in July and come with some neat extras. Remember, this really isn’t the “whole” series. The even worse DIC series isn’t included.

Undertow is Shipping – The 2009 G.I. Joe Collector’s Club figure, Undertow, is now shipping. That reminds me, I never changed my address with the club. I wonder if I’ll get him…

The Turbo Tank is Awesome – The next big Star Wars vehicle is going to be the Turbo Tank and I pray to sweet Raptor Jesus that I have a job when it comes out. One dude already has one! Lucky jerk.

Another Clone – Commander Ponds is going to be coming out in Animated series style. I have no idea who he is, but he looks kind of neat.