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  1. MldMnrdReporter

    Rargh! Me Grimlock no share! Me Grimlock KING!

  2. Jim

    "I had gained her trust for about 30 minutes feeding her almonds."

    This is usually how female chipmunks get pregnant in the first place. Gain their trust little by little. She'll warm up to ya. Then the rest is history.

  3. Jim

    @PrfktTear and Mark: Yeah…I don't know if Mark will read this but I went back and forth with Mer mans head.

    It was…Box art head, then cat head, box art head, talked to Mark about the Merman heads, then back to cat head. THEN I found a well painted box art head and NOW it's PERMANENTLY the BOX ART HEAD. Sorry Mark.

    As for the MAA moustache. Been collecting for a while now and I've never had a figure that had a well sculpted moustache so I'm a bit iffy on MAA. I, too, will have to wait and see. I just see it as this: If you're going to have facial hair go all the way….why just the upper portion? At least a goatee would look cool. lol Never understood upper lip moustaches at all.

  4. Jim

    @EVERYONE: Man At Arms and Triklop are up on Matty Collector! 😀 No new pictures but it’s nice to see them on the order section for motuc.

    Personally, I’ll prob display MAA WITHOUT a MOUSTAUCHE.

    I always thought his tom selleck look was a bit goofy….a beard like Randors would’ve looked better in my opinion.

  5. Jim

    @PrfktTear: Nice story! I always like to read Figure find stories!

    and I think that cashier was hitting on you (even if she was probably 50). lol

    As for castle greyskull…man do I hope they make a motuc castle.

    I really think you should open up beastman and faker! You probably have a line or two that can be sacrificed for motuc man! 😀

  6. "In answer to many's question yes this picture is genuine and not a photoshop composite. This particular chipmunk was new to me and Chris who thinks she may be pregnant which would explain why she was quite timid. I had gained her trust for about 30 minutes feeding her almonds. I then set up Grimlock with the nut in his mouth and laid in wait.

    The rest is history."


  7. Please, god above, tell me that photo is 'shopped.

    'Cause if not, I give up; that's just brilliant.

  8. @Jim: Faker & BM are totally out of their packages! I ain't no foo!

    I really can't make up my mind about the MAA moustache issue. My first reaction was to display the head w/o, but I'll have to wait and see. With Mer-Man, my first thought was that I'd display with the classic cat-face head, but once I got him, I like the updated "box art" head more.

  9. Right now I have He-Man, Stratos, Skeletor, and Mer-Man on top of a book shelf in my bedroom with the original Castle Greyskull. Yes, and to address the elephant, I am single! 😉 On another book shelf I have sort of a mixture of MOTU2K, 2KStactions, MP Megatron, and my TFA collection. I keep meaning to bring MOTUC Beast Man and Faker into the fold, but there isn't a lot of room on top of the shelf. CG is a LOT bigger then I remembered, which is ironic because usually its the other way around, I remember things behing massive and in reality they're a lot smaller.

    If I ever desperately needed cash or something, I could prolly part with my MOTU2K collection. I guess I take back my statement about having sentimental attachment towards them, a lot of those figures have some good stories behind them. Like how my friend gave me Mek-A-Neck and Evil-Lyn for my birthday one year, how on a trip into Boston I found Buzz-Off and MAA at FAO Schwarz. Roboto was the first MOTU2K figure that got me back into my "collector" mentality. I had already picked up He-Man, Skeletor, and Trap-Jaw, but was just admiring the line from afar, but it was Roboto that tipped the scale. I picked him up along wiht Zipline Batman at Wal-Mart on a Saturday after working at my school's radio station. King Hiss, Fisto, Rattlor, and Zodak I found at Newbury Comics on Newbury Street when we were in town for my friend Katharine's birthday. I practically had an orgasm when I saw them just sitting there up on the shelf. When I bought He-Man and Skeletor, I bought two of each, one to open and one for MOC to display alongside with their counterparts from the Commemorative Series figures. The cashier sorta jokingly said to me, "These are going to be hung up on a wall someplace, aren't they?" and I was caught a little off guard, and asked her how she knew. She said, "I saw your eyes widen when I went to pick them up." Then she told me her son was also a collector! 😉

  10. Jim

    @PrfktTear: LOL LOL that does sound so Dr. Evil like. LOL LOL

    Wow….yup can't believe you still have Hordak unopened! As for it being redundant…aside from needing money to buy more motuc and needing space…I actually thought the same.

    I said to myself…why would I want a motuc and a 2002 skeletor, merman, faker, etc etc. on my shelf? I felt it would be too redundant so I gave up my 2002 line.

    I seriously only have a bookshelf..

    top shelf: for the Motu heroes heman and stratos

    second shelf: skeletors villians merman faker beastman and ofcourse skeletor in the middle

    and my new third shelf: for hordak and his horde!

  11. Evil Leader of the Evil Horde

    Thats def one for the books. Sounds like something Dr… (wait for it…) Evil might say! 😉

    Honestly, I've always been a bigger Skelly fan. I've always followed the notion that Hordak was the one to teach Skeletor (or Keldor as I found out later) all of his magic, and then of course ran off to Etheria when he kidnapped Adora. It was in one of my MOTU story books, I forget which one, but it told the story and had some nice pics too. I'll have to dig it out.

    I have to make a confession. I own the 4H Hordak Staction, but I still haven't opened it. I'm not a MOC collector by any means, but I just never did. I don't even have it on display, its buried. I think I kept putting it off so I had something to "savor" in opening it, but just never did. I don't know if it'd be a little redundant to crack it open now or what. Though, I still have all my stactions, so he has a place with them.

  12. dayraven

    i wouldn’t say hordak looks better than skeletor. he just looks like hordak. skeletor is about as nice an upgrade as i think we could ask for… maybe a little better airbrushing of his muscles would be nice, but that’s about my only critique.

  13. Jim

    @PrktTear: But who is your favorite between the two? Did you check out Pixel Dan's video review?

    Personally, I can't decide. I like the overall look of hordak with his design, accessories, cape and little bat friend but I've always liked Skeletor character-wise a lot more than Hordak.

    Maybe because Skeletor was the 1st Main villian of the series.

    On a side note, I thought it was a tad funny when Pixel Dan said Evil Leader of the Evil Horde….I thought he had said….Evil Leader of the Evil Whore! lol lol

  14. Sweet pic! I wonder how long it took to wait for the little chipmunk to come and take a bite!

    I always thought it was weird when they had Skeletor and Hordak together… its sorta like your mom and dad's side of the family being in the same place at once…

    I think Hordak just looks more menacing, plus, black and crimson red will always be more evil looking evil then blue and purple…

  15. Jim

    and he looks better than Skeletor (which only sucks because I like Skeletor a bit more than Hordak)!

  16. Motorthing

    "why Wheelie bite my nose….?!" if only TF2 had this in it Id actually go to see it.

  17. Jim

    @dayraven: oh i'm not saying Skeletor's not good. He's my favorite MOTU, but design-wise Hordak in my opinion looks more evil and more threatening than skeletor…I still like skeletor better than Hordak but I guess the baby blue skin make him look less of a threat than Hordak. Plus Hordak has that red cape which adds to the more menacing look.

    In terms of Hordaks accessories, armor and color scheme, he just looks pretty bad ass …a lot more than skeletor.

    So I'm putting him on his own shelf…can't have hordak still skeletor's thunder. lol

  18. jim

    LOL I love how you have pretty good pics for me to use as Screensavers Poe! 🙂 Thanks!

    ON A SIDE NOTE: Pixel Dan's video Review of Hordak is AMAZING!

    I predict Hordak will sell out in about 30 mins! GEEEEEEZ!

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