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1.) Kevin asks: The 2008 DCUC Wal-Mart wave had no variants. Will there be any variants in this year’s Wal-Mart wave?

No, the Wal-Mart Wave will not have variants.

2.) Frogster asks: Given the popularity of MOTUC, is there any chance of a promotion for the fans (preferably available on, not just at conventions) such as posters or mini-comics?

This is something we are looking into and will have more to announce at SDCC.

3.) Reverend Ender asks: Will DCUC see any new Male body types, or will the same standard “thick” and “slender” types (Superman and Nightwing) continue to dominate the line?

Yes, we are working on a few other standard “buck” bodies for the DCUC males, such as a super skinny body and others.

4.) How will DCUC Green Arrow’s bow & arrows work on the production figure? Will one arrow be attached to the bow, and can the arrow be knocked? Will there be separate arrows?

For safety reasons one arrow will be permanently attached to the bow (like with Artemis) with other arrows included as well. This was a legal requirement, not an artistic choice

5.) When DCUC figures are packaged with their weapons in their hands, it often causes the figure’s grip to be too loose, so the figure to be unable to hold the weapon securely once out of the package. Could Mattel please look into this issue?

Yes, this is something we are looking into.


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  1. clark

    I miss Sigma 6. Snake Eyes from wave 1 is what changed me from occasional purchaser of action figures (maybe one, two a year) into a collector.

  2. And yet because of you Monte, I own two Spirits. You son of a…

  3. To be fair to Mattel, for whom I have no use whatsoever:

    Sigma 6's large scale might have made their projectiles less of a red flag. Indeed, Spirit's "arrows" were bloody huge.

    Also, I customized my Spirit figure so that he's wearing more earth tones, and I put another Spirit's head onto camo Long Range to give him a jungle feel, with the result that I haven't had an as-is factory version of Spirit in a couple years. I need to track one down before we move…

  4. Poe

    @Brainlock: I seem to recall a similar range with my Kenner Kevin Costner Robin Hood (a.k.a. SP Green Arrow).

  5. Fengschwing

    I hope they stop packing DCUC posed with weapons in hand, it's a pain in the ass.

    I always cut mine out of the tray so I don't wrench a cape or foot off…

  6. Launching arrows = BAD

    Lead painted toys = GOOD

    Yea, Matty's on the ball with the safety.

  7. Brainlock

    ToyBiz's Hercules:TLJ/Xena line had a bow you could notch and 'fire', but the fishing line wasn't very strong. I think my personal best was six inches.

  8. A lot of toy bows have the arrow attached as well. I agree that Sigma 6 did break that rule, but I have several other figures where a similar thing is used. So I'm inclined to believe Mattel on this one.

  9. clark

    I have a Sigma 6 Spirit Iron Knife that has a working bow with separate arrows. I don't know why Hasbro's legal team allowed that but Mattel's won't.

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