Congratulations! You’re a Poester!

OK, I know I said I was going to have a poll about how I would refer to you, my dear readers, but in reviewing your suggestions, I found nerdbot‘s suggestion of “Poester” so perfect that I didn’t want to risk it losing out.

“Poester” conveys pretty much everything I was looking for. It obviously relates well to the site while not sounding too abstract (like “Articulates”), and it has a nice pun on “poster,” which, obviously many of you are when you “post” comments. And it works better than “Poe-ser” (or as I would have spelled it, Poezer), which, while clever, has some obviously negative connotations I’d like to avoid.

Plus, “Poester” sounds like what Richard Laymer, Rob Schneider’s SNL character of  “Makin’ Copies” fame, would call me. And that’s cool, right? Hello?

Anyway, nerdbot, shoot me an email and I’ll reward you with something keen.

(Also: your regularly scheduled It Figures will be late today. I’ve got the day off and I’m busy cleaning the apartment.)


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  1. nerdbot

    Thanks – I feel honored! (Sadly, this might be my greatest achievement.)

    I'm wondering how I missed this announcement the other day… I visit the site pretty regularly.

  2. Ant

    i'd want to be a Poe-mer sexual

  3. I approve.

  4. Cade

    I like Poester….Poets could have been good as well, but maybe to pompous

  5. I’d still rather be a Power Pal. hehe

  6. Poe

    @MB: That one was up there, but I decided it was a bit less intuitively understandable than Poester.

  7. monkey boy

    i think you should have called your followers "PoeGhos".

  8. I'm putting this on my resume.

  9. Wait'll I tell Ma. She'll be so proud.

  10. PresidentJuggernaut


  11. Motorthing


    I'm easily lead.

  12. Dead Man Walking

    This is not democracy!

  13. Cade

    poe, come on, remember priorities….It Figures first and cleaning later

  14. Jim

    lol I walked out of my apt to go to the gym and forgot to write Poester but was too lazy to write it then when I got back nerdbot beat me to it!

    Good Choice! I thought that was actually one of the best choices. That and Poe poe. lol

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