Happy Hordak Day!


Today’s the day! Feel free to use this post to comment on every agonizing yoctosecond of your efforts to order him. And don’t forget Ultraman and Alex Luthor.

When you’re done ordering, relax and enjoy a cheap laugh by coming back here at 1pm for your regularly scheduled It Figures!

Good luck!


Taste the Rainbow of Hal Flavors


It Figures #32


  1. Jim

    @Poe: Nice! Looking forward to reading your review!

    Hope you got a well painted one…there's some issues.

    Also, found out that you can twist the top piece of the staff to put it at its correct position.

  2. Poe

    I should have my review of him out sometime tomorrow.

  3. Jim

    Has anyone received their Hordak?

  4. Yeah it seems more of a bonus item, I don't think Hordak would be the type to need or use a crossbow in battle, now Grizzlor and Leech, definently need them. Hope they include them with all Horde characters just like the originals….I think they will as they need to get the use out of the mould.

  5. Jim

    Oooookay…nevermind….crossbow down…he just doesn't look right with it….I tried! lol

  6. Jim

    @Mark: I finally set up a pose that included Hordak's crossbow. He actually looks cooler with the crossbow!

    However, I'm definitely not going to display anymore Horde members with their crossbows though.

  7. @Jim, LOL.

  8. Jim

    @Mark: YUP, where are the FEMALE poesters and NOOOOOOOO Mark….Mumma Ghostal doesn't count. lol

  9. With my picture maybe Poe will get a lot more female Poesters LOL.

  10. Mark

    @ Jim, LOL. Thought I might as well add a picture to go with my name.

  11. Jim

    @ Mark: lol I thought u were holding the mask! lol

  12. Mark

    @Jim, Yep, thats me. I am holding my paint brush and palette. Pic was taken a couple of weeks ago while I was finishing that painting.

  13. Jim

    @finkrod: Hmmmmm…I can't say. Before I went all crazy with all this, this blog started out pretty strong (could be because of Hordak himself or because we've gotten new Poester members!) I'm 50/50 on it.

    I'm guessing Hordak MAY be slightly more popular than MAA (because ppl that don't collect motu are picking hordak up)…but then again MAA has all the accessories and he's one of the top guys in the motu universe….so who knows?

    He'll probably last a few minutes over an hour. If he sells out even faster than Hordak then I assume a lot of ppl are army building. Another reason why I don't think holding off on the heroes was an accident. Bring out more villians than heroes and let the first hero in a long time be an army building figure? Pretty good strategy to reach your highest profit potential.

    Lastly, I seriously think Mattel may put a "secret accessory" for every figure. If they do…I think that would be another way to snag more customers! πŸ˜€

  14. finkrod

    @Jim: You don't think MAA will generate this much hubbub?

  15. Jim

    Hey Mark Just noticed ur avatar! That you bud! Cool! What're u holding?

  16. Jim

    @Poe: I misread. Sorry. *he he he he*

    @Newton: Hey Newton! I was wondering why you didn't join in earlier! πŸ™‚

    @Mark: It has been. Might be the only time we get to see high numbers like this!

  17. Mark

    This has been a great post.

  18. You know Jim made 55 posts here and Mark made 34 or so… Surely they could have spread that love a little.

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