It Figures #36 (interactive)

Today’s It Figures is a little different. In keeping with my current theme of being a little burnt-out and thus a little lazy, I’ve decided it might be funnier if you came up with the punchline for this one. Particularly because I just can’t think of a good one. So let’s see whatcha got!

It Figures #36


Show and Tell > AT-TE by Paul


Review > Hordak (Masters of the Universe Classics)


  1. "Look, maybe next time, you can track it, Mr. Smartypants. I don't even understand how you lost an ENTIRE city destroying robot."


    "Of course I'm sure! Hannah Montana's tour bus is pretty hard to miss! Now, get in position and wait for my signal."

  2. orionpax636

    "Look, it's OK. You farted. We all do it."

  3. Tom-Tom

    "Like zoinks, man!"

  4. Poe

    @Monte: Ouch…and after all I've done for you! šŸ˜‰

  5. Green Ring Guy


  6. PrfktTear

    Haha… everyone's been talking about it, we've been trying to decide whether its a hoax or not…

  7. George

    How about this one?

    Micheal Jackson is dead.

  8. "He went thataway."

    "No, but it got you to look in the other direction. Now I'm going to use this here sword to…"

    "Does no one else notice the armed soldiers sneaking up behind us?"

  9. PrfktTear

    No time for the 'ol in out, I'm just here to read the meter.

  10. clark

    Yeah, the marketing team that let Xevoz die scrambled around the corner. $35 for a damn ebay alpha ranger, and they couldn't get them to sell off the pegs? There must be justice in these lands once more!

  11. Yes the TransFormers Animated toys march single file to hide their numbers.

  12. izdawiz

    Dang it Monte!!

    I was gonna put,

    "I dunno, what does Poe's motivation look like anyway?"

  13. Monte wins.

    Although skull bear fucking is always a winner too.

  14. finkrod

    "They just fled back into the storage closet. It was another Xevoz raiding party. If this keeps up, we won't have enough stickers to get us through the winter. What the hell are we paying those green guys for if they can't even take down a kid on a flying skateboard and a scorpion in a sombrero!?!"

  15. "Yes sir, Poe's ambition went this-a-way."

  16. finkrod

    "Yes sir. He was a green and purple fellow, about your height and build. He…he had so many accessories….I…I didn't know what to do..I felt so helpless"

  17. Grenadier

    "Y'know, if our dignities are just going to keep running away like this, maybe we should stop cosplaying!"

  18. Wes

    "You know, if you'd quit skullfucking the bear, you wouldn't keep losing its button eyes."

    Too vulgar? ^^;

  19. Jim

    "Yeeeeep! Now let's hurry it up Milton! That S&M Party Bus is gonna miss us!!!!!!!!"

  20. Motorthing

    "I'm tellin' ya Murray I can smell the oil…..and when I find that Bayforming Bastard I'm gonna cut it's freakin Balls off!!!!"

    Revenge fantasy from the Offended……

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