It Figures #37 – Aztec Noir



He-Man Goes Bollywood


Paul’s Peg > Slave Leia!


  1. izdawiz

    who is the aztec guy?

  2. Poe

    @dayraven: That Talos is twelve inches tall.

    I've never put that coat on a comic Hellboy because a.) I just got it, and b.) I already own a comic Hellboy with a coat 😉

  3. dayraven

    so how big is that talos? and might i say, he looks double excellent!!

  4. Drunken Fist

    I love those Harryhausen figures! I've really got to pick some of those up some day, when I have the cash to spare.

  5. digby

    how does the coat look on the comic version of hellboy?… i've really been wanting one for mine

  6. Poe

    It's by X-Plus–came out back in the early 2000s. It still pops up on eBay occasionally. There's also an 8-inch version that's a bit easier to find.

  7. Wes

    Same question as raven — where did you get that Talos?! I totally want that thing so I can put it with Ja-Kal and Rath!

  8. PrfktTear

    @Fengschwing: That coat was made specifically for Animated Hellboy. You have to buy it separately, but worth it to "complete" the look.

  9. dayraven

    is that… talos? where the hell did you find talos?

  10. Fengschwing

    I wish I could find a coat like that for my Hellboy.

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