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It Figures #30


Now THAT’S an exclusive


  1. Not a fan of the goatee, or the van dyke for that matter.

    I'm planning on going with the clean shaven MAA head, though that may change when I get him. I was originally planning to go with the cat head Mer-Man, but I decided I liked the box art head better.

  2. Hey, Mattel! Where's my Stinkor?

    MAA looks great but I'll probably pass. I think Webstor's my next buy. (Attempt to buy?)

  3. Mark

    Goatees are crap, it should be a full on hanging beard like Fisto, except a little longer.

  4. Jim

    Also, I'm going with the MAA head WITHOUT moustauche. I like that look a lot better!

    I've always thought the Tom Seleck moustaches were "half ass" moustaches. I mean man….if your going to have facial hair go all the way for a goatee or beard like Randor… something.

  5. Jim

    Regarding the comments about He Ro being cross eyed….its that damn Head BAND! lol lol 😀

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