Now THAT’S an exclusive


While I wasn’t as enamoured of Hellboy 2 as I was the first film (for various reasons not necessarily related to the quality of the film itself), and I don’t collect 3 ¾” toylines, I have to say that this is probably one of the coolest SDCC exclusives this year. It’s a 7″ Golden Army Soldier, in scale with the rest of the 3 ¾” figures, and it even comes with a  Hellboy to mix it up with.

At $30 the set is pricey, though keep in mind, the Golden Army Soldier is the same size as Mezco’s regular 7″ figures, and those exclusives usually averaged about $25–plus you get the Hellboy.

And at least Mezco’s offering all their SDCC exclusives for sale on their website (I’m looking at you, Gleek).

Mezco’s award-winning 3.75inch Hellboy line continues with the addition of the highly anticipated Golden Army Soldier! The Golden Army Soldier stands approximately 7 inches tall (in scale next to the other figures in the 3.75inch series) and features eight points of articulation. He comes packaged with a 3.75inch Hellboy, who comes complete with a base, and his legendary sidearm, the Samaritan. Ships in Late July 2009.


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  1. clark

    I'll probably have to get this, especially since everything is going 3 3/4" I need a hellboy that fits in with my joes.

  2. Thomas B

    i wants!!!!!!

    i may get 2-3 of them but i hope the paint aps on the golden ones are better.

  3. $30 is a bit high, but damn, that looks awesome.

  4. "The first Hellboy was a remarkable performance by Ron Perlman looking for a movie…"

    Well said!

    Hey Philip: wanna sell one of your wee Hellboy figures?

  5. Frowny McBeard

    I'm with Monte. The first Hellboy was a remarkable performance by Ron Perlman looking for a movie, the second delivered on the promise of the first. Plus no whiny Agent McDouchey.

  6. I ordered one of these sets. I figured that I didn't need a third 3.75-inch Hellboy but the Golden Army Soldier looks to awesome to ignore.

  7. Barbecue17

    I'm really wondering how that Golden Army figure will look next to my other Hellboy 6-7 inch figures, since that is mainly what I collect.

    I am surprised to see a Hellboy exlcusive by Mezco, however. I kind of figured they were done with Hellboy for the time being since nothing new has been released by them since November.

  8. 1. It's an awesome idea, and the sculpt looks nice, but the paint apps on the interior gears look way too cheap and toyish.

    2. The Golden Army was approximately thirteen times better than the first Hellboy.

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