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  • Updates to the site might be a little bit sparser than you’re used to over the next few weeks–I’m feeling a bit burnt-out, due to a combination of things (this awful, endless Northeast weather being a big part of it). But OB1 and I are working on a way to add some user-generated content (like Show and Tell) more easily, so maybe some of you guys can pick up my lazy-ass slack.
  • In other news, Big Bad Toy Store apparently sent out an email informing those who had pre-ordered the Movie Masters series with Jailhouse Joker and Harvey Dent that the pre-orders were canceled, as Mattel had informed them MM would now be a Mattycollector exclusive. This is exactly what I’d expected would happen–Mattel has too much invested in the tooling for those figures not to try to get a bit more profit out of them.


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)


It Figures #35


  1. Yeah, I ust check the news over there…..this is the only place I really place comments, and YouTube, can't say I bother with forums.

    Wonder why there is no section for the Classics toys yet.

    Still selling off some of my collection. Just to get this said, if anyone is selling stuff on eBay seriously take the time and take pictures of the item out of the box….I had a buyer try and scam me claiming another item to be mine and wanting me to pay repair costs and refund some of the money, then when I refused he left me bad feedback. He sent pictures and all he sent was pics of a repaired toy…the one I sent was not broken, yet he claimed the part that was broken was missing…the way it was packed there is no way it could get broke….and yet he did not take any pics of it broken. So why should I pay repair costs for something from his collection that e already had. It just goes to show that even though a lot of us share the same interests we cannot judge others to be like ourselves, there are some really dishonest cheats out there.

  2. @Jim…..I can't get registered with heman.org (must try again some time)…..funny you should mention that, I was actually thinking of doing one when I get chance over the summer. If I do maybe Poe could put it up here.

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