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Roger by R_O_B_O


Show and Tell > Custom M-Wrestling Ring by Newton Gimmick


He-Man Goes Bollywood


  1. Jim

    @clark: dude….seriously looks like Glen Close. lol lol

  2. clark

    Glen Close all the way

  3. finkrod

    Those were great figures. I'm sad we never got a Kroenen(?) or Rasputin, among others. Roger was always one of my favorites. I still don't know why Mignola killed him off.

    In this picture he looks like a sad, bald Robin Williams or Glen Close. They both pretty much look the same now.

  4. Poe

    Yeah, that would be the spam filter 😉

  5. izdawiz

    You'd be depressed, if you'd had your genitals replaced with door knocker…

  6. izdawiz

    Cuz it gets kicked out with the regular spelling…

  7. izdawiz

    Got Prosakk?

    I'm trying to see if I can get this comment past the filter…

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