Sponsor News: DCUC Superman/Brainiac & Batman/Clayface in stock at EE

On their Twitter account, Entertainment Earth posts this update:

Guess what just arrived? Mattel’s DC Universe Batman vs. Clayface and Superman vs. Brainiac sets. Order now and you’ll get ’em.

The website still says “Coming in June,” but if you order now they’ll ship.

If you’d like to order them, please kindly use these links:

UPDATE: Enchanted Toy Chest will have these in stock next week, so you can pre-order through them as well–be sure to tell ’em Poe sent you.


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  1. The Flash III

    Does Mattel ever give a straight answer? It's like talking to Yoda or the Dungeon Master:

    Questioner: Is anything being done to address Wal Mart's distribution?

    Mattel: Perhaps collectors should consider their own distribution. Ask for the figures by name!

    I'll pass on both of these sets: Clayface looks cool, but I don't want another Batman and Superman clogging my limited collecting space. Plus, the Superman is the one from Wave 6 with Eradicator's head on it. "Heat vision eyes" my foot!

  2. americanhyena

    No announcements that I recall.

  3. nerdbot

    Has there been much in the way of official communication from Mattel about these two-packs?

    There were four sets that were proposed back in December (offered for pre-sale at on-line retailers to gauge interest): Bats/Clayface; Supes/Brainiac; Supergirl/Luthor; and Golden Age Hawks.

    At one point there was word that the Supergirl set was canceled. (But then it became available for pre-order again.) The Hawks set, that is widely believed to be nixed, is still up for pre-order at CSC (and maybe other sites). When I asked about it, I was told that Mattel has not informed them that it has been canceled, so they are still offering it.

    Clearly, the Superman and Batman sets have been produced. But I wonder if there have been any announcements from “Matty” regarding the fate of the other sets? (Y’know- something other than rumor and speculation.)

  4. Drunken Fist

    Thanks for the heads up, I went ahead and ordered the Brainiac set. Still gonna wait until the Clayface set shows up at TRU, though; I already have Clayface, so I’m mainly planning to buy it to have a spare.No big hurry there.

    Just gotta wait for this arrive now, as well as Hordak and the Earth 3 boys on Monday.

  5. I want the Supes/Brainiac pack. I haven’t ordered yet, but when I do get around to it, I’ll use your links Poe.

  6. Vasta

    I definitely want to get both sets, but am sitting on my hands at least until Friday when I get the pay check. Then again, the shipping always kills me on these too, and I might wait even longer. Really, really want Brainiac though.

    Regarding the Supes, has anyone who’s given DCUC6 Superman a haircut noticed how well he can look up for a flying pose? My DCSH/DCUC6 Superman can look almost straight up, but it’s because of the mismatched head/neck ball.

  7. americanhyena

    They are available in comic shops (I got my Clayface about two weeks ago) and should be hitting Toys'R'Us too if I'm not mistaken.

    In other news, I've ALREADY received my Luthor/Ultraman and Hordak (Wednesday afternoon). Jeezum crow that was quick.

  8. Nicholai

    Thanks for the heads up Poe! I used you links and bought both sets. Makes me wonder if I should go to the trouble of finding other DCSH figures to go along with my DCUC ones. I have Bizarro, Scarecrow, and DCSH Supes, and what came in the Toys 'R Us 2-packs. I know they've got the Lex Luthor and Supergirl set still up on most websites so I wouldn't have to get them I suppose.

    Big shipping week next week as I should get Hordak, Alexander Luthor and Ultraman, and both of these 2-packs. Now if I could only find wave 8 in stores I'd be in really good shape (and broke!!).

  9. Thomas B

    are these only available online?

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