fanmode-copy Corey Tincher reviews the Hasbro G.I. Joe Hall of Heroes Firefly figure. Excerpt: “… this is my early favorite for most fun 3.75 inch figure of the year.” (See also.)

Wes reviews the Hasbro Marvel Legends The Incredible Hulk Limited Edition Hulk Target exclusive figure. Excerpt: “If it weren’t for the fact that you could buy a much better Hulk on eBay for the same price as this guy, I’d have no problem recommending him.”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Marvel Universe Wolverine figure. Excerpt: “Wolverine’s X-Force costume may be graphically interesting, but it’s murder on the paint apps.” (See also.)

Darren Cilenti reviews the Hasbro Transformers Universe Classic Series Legends class Autobot Hound figure. Excerpt: “… very satisfying and is worth picking up at his low price …”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Scout class Dirt Boss figure. Excerpt: “… this is a toy to play with, not to look at.” (See also.)

Darren Cilenti reviews the Takara Tomy Transformers Henkei Wheelie figure from the C-19 Minibot Spy Team set. Excerpt: “A great Legends toy that actually makes this much hated character appealing.” (See also.)

Artemis reviews the Lego Bionicle 8689 Toa Tahu set. Excerpt: “… he doesn’t quite look right …”

Retro reviews

Darren Cilenti reviews the Takara Transformers Beast Wars II C-16 Lio Convoy figure. Excerpt: “Both modes are decent but neither reaches any great heights.”

Brent Johnston reviews the Hasbro Transformers Commemorative Series III Autobot Jazz Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive figure. Excerpt: “… this is 1980s technology and design we’re dealing with here.”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection Saga Legends Boba Fett figure from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Excerpt: “This really is the best version of Boba Fett …” (See also.)