ToyFare #144 to debut DCUC Question


ToyFare‘s Justin Aclin just announced, via his Twitter account, that next week’s issue will feature the first exclusive photos of the DC Universe Classics Question!

As you may recall, the Question was the winner of a fan voting contest in ToyFare last year. Oh, and be sure to follow Justin on Twitter!


It Figures #28


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  1. George-bob

    if their going with the trenchcoat style, then I might pick up an extra question, unsculpt the tie, sculpt a new head and make a hush custom. I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST!!!!!!!! also,vic has always been one of my favorite characters.

  2. Make Love (To Toys) The Justin Aclin Way!

  3. captainzero

    I pitched, early on, …for The Question to have a removeable fedora.!!

    A soft rubber, fedora.. that could be cocked… (look out for that word..I've been nearly banned for using it) or tilted to add expression.

    Bet we don't get a removeable hat.

    I had pitched for ol' Clark Kent to have a removeable fedora… and look what happened!! (ah,..nothing!!) Rats!!

    And I'm with you guys on a new body…here's hopin'!!

  4. How am I not following Justin on Twitter?!

  5. Thomas B

    i feel they will use the suit body already made with a new trench coat and trench coat arms and a new hat/head.

  6. Fengschwing

    I hope we get a Montoya version too.

    I voted for Starman, but it's good to see the Question getting some love.

  7. Lady Jaye

    It's been reported that they are working on a new suit body. Which I would hope would mean new characters to use it for as well!!

    List them suited characters!!


    Black Mask

  8. Andrew

    I kinda figured it was the aerosol stuff he used to make his mask and such adhere to his face that also changed the colour of his hair, as seen in JLU.

  9. Nightboomfer

    Eventually, there will be an inevitable super-articulated Rorshach kitbash.

  10. Grenadier

    I'd like to see a Renee Montoya variant.

  11. george-bob

    I heard a rumer that there might be a varient with one being a regular suit (no trenchcoat) and one being With a trenchcoat.

  12. Santo

    what about the joker / ghost buck…that has way more articulation and im sure it could work

  13. Poe

    Is it me, or does that image, with all the swirling gas and the way he's holding his stomach, make it look like he shouldn't have had that double-stuffed burrito for lunch?

  14. Matthew K

    "I know it’s going to disappoint some people, but I’m guessing it’s going to be the Clark Kent/Riddler/Two-Face suit body with a new head, a trenchcoat, and maybe new arms and hands."

    I would be okay with that. Iron Cow made a really nice custom question out of that Clark Kent.

  15. The Lobster

    I've been waiting for a good vic sage for a while now, hopefully Mattel won't let me down ( They probabley won't.).

  16. Poe

    I know it's going to disappoint some people, but I'm guessing it's going to be the Clark Kent/Riddler/Two-Face suit body with a new head, a trenchcoat, and maybe new arms and hands.

  17. Barbecue17

    I'm excited to see how this turns out. I know one of the Q&A's seemed to indicate that Mattel wasn't actively working on a new suit body, but the trench coat sculpt should be interesting and might be neat for a number of other characters, such as Sandman and Com. Gordon.

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