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I won’t be attending this modern-day penny dreadful, but I know some of you will and might want to write about it, for good or ill. So consider this post your roundtable for Revenge of the Fallen reviews and discussion.

Feel free to post spoilers, because I don’t care. Here’s one I can give you without seeing the movie: stuff will blow up and the Autobots–or rather, the specific piles of ambulatory scrap metal we’re told are Autobots–win.


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  1. plain_sliced

    i hated this movie on so many levels. i swallowed the hype thinking there would be some resemblance of a storyline. i too was so sick of seeing megan fox every other minute.

    i don't know which was worse; the addition of the roommate who had no bearing on the movie, or the twin autobots that make jar jar binks look like morgan freeman. these were annoying as hell. not to mention the blurry fight sceness. mind you i saw it twice, begrudgenly.

    lots of dead character were thrown in to this heap of crap. lots of plot holes, mistakes, unneeded chacters. i thought spiderman 3's sqeeze of too many villans was bad. i thought megatron was the bad ass in part one. in this one, he's a lacky? what gives? starscream shouldn't be that cowardly. reminded me of the cowardly lion from wizard of oz. please!

    this rally as a 'check your brain at the door, chumps!' movie. another thing, they tried so hard to bring in hints from the orignal animated movie, so why not go all the way? prime dies. the matrix. they should have kept it consist. so was optimus an illegitamate leader? isn't the leader to have the matrix of LEADERship already? why introduce the fallen. please.

    they should have introduced galvatron, if they were keeping in track with the animated movie and lead up to the next sequel in space with, duh, unicron. this is not rocket science. i was robbed. so were you all.

  2. I personally think they have gone to far from their roots. There was a really nice progression in the designs from G1, G2, Beast Wars then R.I.D, the Classics. Too me the R.I.D. and most of Classics 1 toys are perfect. The only thing that would get me back 100% into Transformers would be total exact upgrades of the G1 characterisations, not something vaguely similar with a name attached to it.

    I would have loved Classics Houmd and Cyclonus and maybe Inferno but I don't have to worry about it as I cannot find them over here.

  3. PrfktTear

    I've been saying that I was disappointed by Universe/Classics 2.0 for a while now. There were a few solid entries, like Hound, Cyclonus, and Inferno (which apparently didn't get around very well). The rest Sunstreaker, Powerglide, etc were let-downs. The biggest disappointment however was Galvatron.

    I've been near completiest/cherry picking through the Classics/Animated lines, but I think its gonna take something really big and impressive to get me back into collecting TFs hardcore again. Sure, I'll cherry pick one or two here and there, like I'm doing with the film, but I don't see myself collecting an entire line.

    I guess it just comes down to how many times are they going to release the same characters with the same names and we keep buying them? I think Transformers needs to go away for a year or two, in order to stay fresh/new.

  4. I loved the first seres of Classics but I was really let down with the Classics/ Universe 2.0 line…..the designs seemed rushed and the QC was not great on all the figures I got. Such difference copared to the first series, they were amazing. I was expecting something better for the 25th Anniversary.

    There is some pretty unique cool ROTF toys.

    Until a new TF line comes out that is equal to G1/ R.I.D/ Classics I will be taking a break and just focusing on MOTUC and some G.I. Joe.

  5. PrfktTear

    Yeah, I thought they were going to do more for the 25th Anniv, but they didn't really seem to do much. I was expecting some possible G1/G2 re-releases, etc.

    I for one am glad to take a break on Transformers. I've been collecting them pretty consistently since the first wave of Classics.

    I'm looking forward to collecting a few of the new ROTF figures, but mostly the unique stuff, like the racial stereotype twins, the toaster, the doctor, ravage, and then of course Leader Optimus Prime!

  6. Michael Lovrine

    I just want all this movie fervor from Hasbro to tie down. There really not given G1 a second thought at all this year. With box office receipts the long space of time between now and the next major wave of Universe releases probably just moved from Fall 2010 to Spring 2011. 🙁

  7. griffin

    So fun tidbit about the movie that I noticed, tell me if you notice it too. When they go to find Jetfire they claim to be going to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It was actually shot at Wright Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton. You can tell because the Air and Space is on the National Mall in the middle of the city, doesn't have a parking lot or a hanger. Wright Pat does and is in the middle of nowhere. Plus I think i recognized where John Tuturo hid to taze that guard.

  8. PrfktTear

    Lets face it though, the Filmation cartoon, no matter how goofy it may be, is a huge part of the reason why He-Man did so well. Even as a 20 minute toy commercial, it still had some great stories and still carries a lot of nostalgia for the property. I don't think it was meant to be serious, kids today are a lot more sophistocated at a younger age than a lot of us children of the '80s were.

    @Jim: Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if I have transformed my MP Starscream. If i have its only been a couple times at most.

  9. @Jim, You might not be a fan but it might help you persuade yourself to pick up some of the main ones you like.

    I liked the original show growing up but deffinently agree about the whole mythos of the MOTU world being better depicted in the comics than the cartoon….the 2002 show did a great job….but that aside still have to have love for the original.

  10. Jim

    @Mark: actually, not a big fan of filmation. I'm into motu because of the mini comics. I sort of erase the whole filmation era from he-man's history. I know a lot of people would gasp from that but I was always into the more serious side of the he-man universe.

    In fact, I think the ONLY filmation character I'm interested in is Shadow Weaver. Even when they make an Orko, I'm planning to just leaving him in the box (UNLESS he looks cool) but I'm thinking he'll most likely be comical looking.

  11. @Jim if you want it go for it. Thankfully my QC problems with the 4 I have aren't to major….but still annoying. Just remember Jim….you can justify getting some of the DCUC along with MOTUC….Filmation did the Superman and Shazam cartoon aswell as MOTU and in one of the comics Superman fought He-Man.

    If anyone is after a masterpiece Jetfire you should check out Yamato's Macross line, the new 1/60 toys are amazingly good compared to the first Yamato 1/60 and 1/48's. I have the VF-1S which is the same as Jefire just a different colour scheme. If you get the VF-1S Hikaru paint scheme it is almost exact to Jetfire…fare enough the super armour is grey, but nothing a quick coat of paint couldn't fix….or wait until the VF-1J Miriya/ Milllia paint scheme is released and swap the armour…..again its a very good toy.

    Also Zodac arrived should have him in a few days.

  12. Jim

    @prfkttear: I was thinking about getting the HB MP Starscream instead since its already in robot form and it's cheaper.

    I remember when I got the takara version, I couldn't figure out the wing transformation step and the pivot point for one of the wings cracked!

    I like the classic colors of the HB version as well!

    @Mark: lol yeah… I was REALLY REALLY REALLY into DCUC before MOTUC. I was a completist of everything and getting double or triple loose figures of EACH character due to the QC problems.

    I'm very impressed with the Green Arrow figure though. Still deciding if I should pick him up.

  13. Even since I was a kid there has been a constant struggle between TF and MOTU for the top spot. I think I was into MOTU before I was into TF, so it'll always have a bit of an edge. Its funny though, any time I I start getting back into Transformers in a big way, He-Man will come back (02, MOTUC) and take top spot once again!


  14. Trust me Jim MP Prime as a toy is in a deifferent league to Megs ans SS. He is durable as a brick, his transformation is not to fidly like the others, very easy once youve done it a couple of times. Also has a removable matrix which lights up in his chest. If you like TF you owe it to yourself to get one version of the toy, even the Magnus repaint, it is amazing. You really have to have it in hand and play with it to experience its presence and greatness.

    One more thing you sold TF to by DCUC….be ashamed Jim…..well at least you sold them to get MOTUC. On the scale of things DCUC are at the bottom of my list I only own 4 figs although I want to get Balck Adam but still TF, MOTUC, G.I. Joe are the top.

  15. Any toy collector who is a TF fan owes it to themselves to pick up MP Optimus Prime, whether it is the Takara or the Hasbro Anniv. edition. If you can spring for the TK version, yay, if not, the HB version does the job just nicely.

    I have the HB MP Starscream, and I was left less then impressed. I still have yet to pick up MP Grimlock, but I am really disappointed with his size.

    As far as MP Megatron, I have yet to even attempt to transform him.

  16. Jim

    @Mark: Thanks Bud! I actually have only bought 2: megatron and starscream…I only want them in Robot form so I didn't really experience QC issues with Megatron but Starscream was in vehicle form which caused me to experience a LOT of QC issues.

    I sold both to collect DCUC. And Sold my DCUC to collect MOTUC! lol

  17. clark

    I liked this movie a lot. I was not expecting much from it and I was surprised by it. I don't care if it deviates from the cartoons and comics, so there is no negative there from me. I did like that this movie seemed to take itself less serious, and did not mind having a lot of cartoony elements in it. I did find some of the language surprisingly vulgar, so if you have little kids you might want to consider that.

    Overall, it was long but I enjoyed it all. Optimus Prime definitely kicked some ass and I love that.

    I felt that this was more true to the Transformers roots (mostly the feel and ideal behind them, not necessarily the story) than the first movie.

  18. @Jim, Masterpiece has longer smoke stacks the anniversary editions have short smoke stacks, also the first anniversary release featured a battle damaged paint job, which is absent in the new release. Regardless of these differences it is must have toy, if I had, had the funds I would've got the Masterpiece, but I didn't so I got the first anniversary edition….trust me it is amazing.

    I will warn you though I personally would not collect the Masterpiece line. Megatron is full of QC problems and very fidly. Same with Starscream, he is also very fidly and a lot have broken during transformation….although I would risk getting Starscream if you can findd him at a good price…I'm still looking….personally the Classics Starscream is great, I would totally recommend it, its just an exact up grade of the original with tons of playability and durable. Not sure about Grimlock, he is beautiful….but for the size of him he is very expensive….I could see by it if he had a lot of Die-Cast metal but according to all the reviews I have read he does not have much. I love Die-Cast metal in robots….makes them full of Chogokin goodness….that is why you need Prime he has loads, very heavy, and is packed with loads of features and accessories and has 38 points of articulation. Prime set the bench mark but according to all the reviews none have been up to his level……except Ultra Magnus LOL.

  19. I'm so jealous that you can easily get 40 comments up in here.

    As far as Transformers goes, I put up my thoughts on Robot's PJs, but I believe Topless Robot's FAQ on it also does a good job of covering it.

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