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This weekend I came across something interesting at TRU. I’m a sucker for guns that fit 6″-scale figures, and I’m always on the lookout for more. I bought a Cannon Spike Cammy just for her Uzi, Walther PPK and Skorpion–and also the knife, which I gave to Movie Masters Joker.

A year or so ago, I came across a line of cheap G.I. Joe knock-off figures at my local pharmacy. While they were only 4″ tall, their weapons are clearly made for 6″-scale figure–one rifle is longer than the figures. While the guns have no paint applications, they’re molded in gunmetal gray, have surprisingly detailed sculpting, and unlike most DCUC weapons, they’re made from stiff plastic. You can see Deathstroke holding the shotgun (maybe a Franchi SPAS-12?) in this shot, and the rifle (which I think is based on a PSG1, but the toymakers added a banana clip it probably can’t actually use) in these shots of a Plan-B Emergency Forces SWAT figure.

Anyway, this weekend I came across a set of these figures under the name “True Heroes.” The back of the package says they’re designed and produced by Toys ‘R Us themselves, which seems odd since they’re the exact same figures available at my pharmacy. Presumably both companies are just buying a generic figure line from some Chinese company (Chap Mei, perhaps?) and using it as a store brand. TRU had both the two-packs I’d seen at the pharmacy (for $3 each) and six-packs for $8. While one pack had all the guns I’d already bought (the rifle, shotgun, and Mp5K), the other one had a plethora of guns I’d never even seen before, including an Uzi that’s even more accurately sculpted than the one that came with Cammy.

While I’m not 100% certain of my identification of all the weapons, here’s what they seem to be:

  • Uzi
  • AK-47
  • M79 (the grenade launcher the Terminator used in T2–not sure that perforated flash suppressor-style barrel is realistic, though)
  • FAMAS w/ bayonet
  • MP5A3

If anyone wants to correct me (MisterBigBo?), feel free! I’m only guessing here.

As you can see in the images below, though the weapons are ridiculously over-sized for their 4″ owners, they’re perfect for characters like Vigilante and Deathstroke. They’re also in better scale with 6″ figures than the guns that come with the Resaurus/Plan-B Special Forces figures, which are a bit under-sized for the scale. Oh, and while I didn’t take a photo of it, all of the guns with straps can be comfortably fitted to Vigilante’s back, too (though you’ll have to pop the strap off the knob first, in some cases).

While I can pretty much guarantee you these will be available in abundance at your local TRU, if you’d rather order them off TRU’s website, they’re right here–and here’s the other set with the rifle, shotgun and MP5K.

As for the figures? I’m giving them–along with some random smaller weapons I have, so they’re not totally unarmed–to goodwill to make some child happy.


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  1. WOO, been wanting to customize some nondescript Soldiers but didn't want to buy Elite Forces or Joes for no crazy prices,PLUS I'm a sucker for 6 inch scale weaponry!

  2. outburst

    LOL, some of the guns are bigger than the figures they're packed with.

    I'd toss the figures and keep the weapons too.

  3. Kyle

    yeah, these packs are pretty cool. it was nicer before toysrus marked them up. they were 5.99 there originally. they do have a police one for 5.99 that has some of the weapons still, like the shotgun, mp5, and i think uzi. not sure. also they carry the 2packs that are pretty cheap, i think 2.99 that come with 2 guns each. i lucked out and stocked up on the 2.99 ones for their guns at KB when they were 50% off. good stuff, i have my deadpool with an uzi in one hand, mp5k in the other.

  4. I wanna know what Monte got!!!!

    I'm so picking one of these up!!!

  5. Dead Man Walking

    Good find. Another thing that bugs me about DCUC figures: the incredibly cheap weapons that get all warped. Seriously, if GI Joe can get hard plastic guns, why can’t DCUC.

    Let us know if you find any cool swords, sheilds, et al.

  6. finkrod

    I, and all my little plastic vigilates, thank you for the heads up.

  7. George

    Ive seen these things at walmart as well,only they are called something else, and there way cheaper than TRU.

  8. I've seen those at TRU. Good to know the weapons are useful.

  9. Poe

    @Monte: Glad you like it! You're welcome.

  10. Grenadier

    Nice. Maybe I'll get a set–my Vigilante's been bummed out since Deathstroke stole his rifle and Uzi.

  11. Cade

    I keeping forgetting to buy these

  12. Off-Topic:

    DUDE! I'm not worthy!

    Seriously, though: thanks a metric buttload; outdoor photos are obviously forthcoming!

    You da man!

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