Another chance at Gleek

Many (most?) DCUC fans will never own a Gleek. It’s a sad fact of life. But anyone registered Fwoosh members have one last chance (aside from eBay, of course) to win a Gleek: Gleek Week – Mattel and Fwoosh Powers Activate!

Notes: You need to have been a registered Fwoosh member prior to Monday, July 27 to submit an entry, and there will be a $6 shipping fee for winners.


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  1. Rob

    I think the gleek problem was very real. I tried to shop at the booth Thursday of the con. I was denied entry into the line but given a pass to come back on Friday at 3. Gleek was already gone when I got to the booth.

    I didn't make a scene about it– sold out is sold out– but plenty of people around me were angry, and I'd like it if Matty would give us a real 2nd chance at the little fellow.

  2. Thomas B

    yeah the fact that NO ONE brought up any of the problems during the matty panel proves that

    A. they are all perplexed after seeing shiny new toys

    B. are a bunch of gutless wimps in real life and feel like sucking up when they get a chance by only saying glowing things

    C. the problems talked about are in actuality not a real problem for the most part and are really only a problem for a VERY VOCAL MINORITY which is the case on some(but not all) things at times.

  3. Motorthing

    Well fairs fair, Having followed this subject up with a few Orgers it seems the source of the discontent isn't that Fwoosh were able to do something for their fans with Toy guru's help it's about the arbitrary nature of Mattel's "help" on any given issue and totally shining the Org on the issue of the Art-Book. The site-owners offered their assistance in getting a non-limited version of the book going. This was given a "not a chance" response from TG and co.

    I've got my own issues with what the Org does and doesn't whine about- nobody fronting Matty at the Con about their shamless fuck-ups as a good example – but this issue isn't one I feel they have whined about without some cause.

    If you are the biggest and most organised fan specific site on the Net and the Company you are giving all the free publicity too wants to totally ignore you on the basis that " they don't do that kind of thing" and then clearly they do somewhere else then I think they can whine a litle about a double standard.

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