DCUC Fan Poll 2009

The Question will be out sometime late this year or early 2010, and in the meantime, ToyFare and Mattel present the next DCUC Fan Poll. The poll should go online sometime this month.

Here are the contenders for your vote:

  • Raven
  • Uncle Sam
  • Geo-Force
  • Toyman
  • Captain Marvel, Jr.
  • Libra

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Toyman’s going to win, with Raven as a potential dark horse.


Spengler? I hardly know ‘er


It Figures #39 (via Scary-Crayon.com)


  1. finkrod

    Nice to see CMJ is second at least. A distant second, but still better than I figured he'd do. GO TEAM MARVEL!

  2. Dale-gribble-is-my-h

    I just voted for toyman and raven is beating THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYONE!!!! If you havn't voted, copy/paste this link into your browser. tell me if its broken..:

  3. Emerald

    It seemed like Mattel was building the Titans up pretty steadily anyway….Nightwing, Cyborg, Kid Flash, Starfire, Beast Boy (although Changling would be better). So Raven being on this list is odd. You'd think she'd have been planned for waves 13 or 14 at least regardless. And of'course there's no question she'll win the poll because she's the only real solid B-list character in the whole bunch. Personally I'm voting for Toyman to offset the Raven votes because she's a no-brainer anyway.

    Hopefully the absense of Doom Patrol and Justice Society characters means they might be on the way??

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