It Figures #41 – I Hope You Dance

It Figures #41


Family Guy gets uncancelled — again.


Review > Peter vs. Giant Chicken


  1. Poe


  2. dayraven

    yes, i misspelled vaguely as baguely… sue me!! 😉

    and yes, i hated the "dino-crouch" of the 200X designs. pinching a loaf is not a good look for a hero.

  3. I believe the 2002 series looked cooler than the Classics, but that 2002 He-Man itself always kinda sucked.

  4. finkrod

    Mmmmm, baguely

  5. dayraven

    why do these two baguely remind me of patrick swayze and chris farley when they were competing for chippendales on SNL? classic HM coems across a little tubbier, a little shorter, and not as "chippendale's buffed" as 200X he-man w/ the pin head.

  6. Motorthing

    Give 200x a bottle of baby oil and a banana and you got this one nailed.

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