Mattel-DC Panel News

Here are Rustin Parr’s notes from the DC-Mattel panel:

  • Movie Masters – Now a exclusive, one figure a month will be sold starting September 15. Sept: Bank Robber Joker; October: Prototype Batman; November: Harvey Dent; December: Jailhouse Joker; January: Arkham Asylum Scarecrow; February: Sonar Eyes Battle Damage Batman; March: Two-Face. They might do more if the figures sell well.
  • There will be more JLU singles, 3-packs and 4-packs. Wave 6 features: a more comic-book-accurate Hawkman, a modern Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom in metallic silver, a straight re-release Hawkgirl, and an all-new Firestorm; next three 4-packs: Shazam Family, Doom Patrol, and Justice Guild
  • DCIH: 6-packs available online and at Walmart, including a 3-pack of Hal Jordan Parallax, John Stewart and SC Sinestro
  • There will be a 12″ Movie Masters, with one figure sold per quarter on Mattycollector, starting 1Q 2010. The first two figures are General Zod and Christopher Reeve Superman
  • Mattel is teaming up with Emcee to produce a new line of retro, accurate Mego figures. Called World’s Greatest Superheroes, the first figure, Green Arrow, will be available on Mattycollector this fall; after that, the figures will be sold at TRU and online retailers. The first series is Superman, Lex Luthor in Silver Age purple shirt, Hal Jordan GL, and blue-outfit Sinestro. There will be at least three waves of four figures each.
  • Brave and Bold: nothing that wasn’t seen in booth photos
  • DCUC: Four waves plus one Walmart wave in 2010 (that’s entirely in 2010, and doesn’t include Waves 10 and 11). Mattel swears that Walmart has placed considerably larger orders and the figures will be easier to get.
  • DCUC Wave 10: Beast Boy, Batman (all black w/ yellow symbol and yellow belt) w/ bat-laptop; Forager; Joker; brown Man-Bat; Power Girl; Robotman–opening head so you can see his brain; CnC: Imperiex
  • DCUC Wave 11: SC Cyborg Supes–couple pieces of new tooling, hands w/ rings; Deadman; variant Deadman w/ fading to translucent legs; John Stewart w/ GL constructs; Katma Tui; the Question; and Shark (Silver Age); Steppenwolf (50/50 green armor vs. Super Powers-style); CnC 9″ Kilowog
  • DCUC 2-Packs: SC Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil, comes w/ at least one construct; Animal Man and B’Wanna Beast
  • DCUC 5-pack exclusive to Walmart: Black-and-gray Batman w/ no mud, Superman (normal eyes), Two-Face repainted in Silver Age colors, purple Catwoman repaint, new Silver Age Lex Luthor
  • Target-exclusive series for Superman/Batman Public Enemies: 6″ and 3 3/4″ inch. The 6″ line-up is “pseudo-DCUC,” a blending of DCUC and animated style, and includes: Superman (normal and metallic variant), Batman (black and gray and blue and gray), Icicle, Silver Banshee, Black Lightning Silver Age, Major Force, CnC: Brimstone (somewhat translucent) Due in the fall (?).


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  1. Emerald

    Agree with AJ. You can't blend the two. But on one hand they don't look like McGuiness to me anyway, they look more like Timmversions and they pushing the DVD here not the comic. People bitched about the DCSH Superman's face being blocky now this Public Enemy one is even worse. Granted, I'm seriously considering doing a head swap on the metallic blue variant version with non-red Eye Supes. That's how I justify buying Superman yet AGAIN for Brimstone…which once he has that translucent head they mentioned we'll all be clamoring for come X-mas!

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