Mattel Q&A Roundup for July 1

Interesting tidbits:

2. We’ve seen some of the Mattel DC lines tied to events in the comics, like DC Infinite Heroes with Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, it seems like DC Direct is tied into the modern events, for example, with its Blackest Night line. What are your plans to leverage upcoming events in the comics? We believe you’ve said there would be a new theme for DCIH in the upcoming year, but what about DC Universe Classics – will there be comics-themed waves, or should we expect ties to the comics to be more opportunistic?

We will be getting to some of the current storylines, but unlike DC Direct, Mattel does not work with the DC editorial staff, so we find out about new stories when they hit the racks just as fans do! It take about one to two years to go from concept to shelf, so newer characters and storylines may take a little bit before they appear in our toy lines. We actually have a figure set coming out later this year that features some DC characters that first appeared about 16 months ago.

Kastor: Will the delay of the Ultraman/Luthor 2 pack impact the DCUC 2-packs for the rest of the year? Meaning, will we still be getting four 2-packs plus the SDCC Wonder Twins, or only three plus the Wonder Twins?

Matty: There will still be 4 DCUC 2 packs on in 2009. The Wonder Twins pack is a separate SDCC item that will also be on sale on after the show.

Kastor: You stated in a previous Q&A that the next DCUC 2-pack would be two villains, could you give us another hint about their identities? Male/Female? Human/Alien?

Matty: One will be female, one will be male.

1. Early pictures of the DCIH Hal Jordan pack-in figure that comes with the new animated Green Lantern movie have started to surface. It looks like the articulation is greatly improved from the line’s previous releases, is this closer to the POA scheme that we can expect for DCIH in the future?

Yes, with even more articulation on the way!

3. You recently revealed that in 2010 most months will have more than one MOUTC item for offering. Can you tell us if that means mostly reissues of previous figures or can we expect two new figures each time? The more the merrier!

Bonus items will be a combination of re-releases, new characters with minimal tooling, logical repaints (i.e. no techno glow Skeletor!) and some other surprises to be revealed at SDCC.


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  1. dayraven

    hey paxie!! no, the horsemen (at last notice" would be used for some "special projects" for the WWE figs, but not the standard line releases… how bonzer would it be to get a deluxe andre horsemen-style?!?!?

    @rage… well, that USED to be how business got done… but traditionally, "exclusive" products were sold in ALL of a given retail outlets… outlets. walmart clearly didn't have that in mind. if mattel sat down to sign a deal of exclusivity, it was up to their legal department to pen a deal advantageous to mattel, just as it was walmart's requirement to try to get the best deal for themselves… and in this case, guarenteed distribution to all outlets would have a plus to mattel… but rather clearly, walmart didn't give two shits.

    but then that begs the question… if a retailer isn't excited to feature your product, why sign an exclusive deal w/ them?

  2. orionpax636

    I found it cool to hear in one of the Q&A's that the WWE license begins in 2010. I might be the only one in here that cares, if you smell what I'm cookin'.

    Was it confirmed that the Horsemen would sculpt the WWE line too? I'dve preferred that Mattel get the UFC license, but Jakks looks like they're set to di a good job.

  3. RageTreb

    @dayraven: ALL retailers decide what toys and how many to put out. The toy manufacturers are at the mercy of what the stores want, not the other way around. This is how it has always worked.

  4. dayraven

    yeah, i can't help but think we've been going about this all wrong w/ the walmart question for mattel… we SHOULD ask "why would you enter an agreement for an exclusive line without securing the distribution that ONLY walmart could bring to the table?" or "do you guys have the laziest legal team ever assembled, or just the dumbest? cuz they don't have the vaguest idea how to secure you people a contract that benefits your company in the least." or "knowing that fans TO THE PERSON expressed naught but vexation and mourning at the last round of walmart elusives, why in the name of all that is sane in the universe would you do it again?" or "does mattel hate their fans or just think they're stupid?" or "i have land i'd like to sell mattel for a DCUC dedicated mini-mall… i just need 3/4 of a million british pound sterling for a prospectus on where you could stick it…"

  5. RageTreb

    Think OF the children. My O key only works half the time.

  6. PrfktTear

    "Think 'eff the children"?


    "Think of the children"?

  7. RageTreb

    It annoys the hell out of me that they'll never re-release the Wal-Mart figures. I still need Eradicator and Atom (along with their C&C pieces), and surprise surprise, they're the rarest of that wave.

    I understand that it's Wal-Mart that makes the decision on how many figures and which stores they put them in, but why do Wal-Mart exclusives in the first place? What's the point of exclusives, anyway? Even if they're stocked properly they're still that much more of a hassle for collectors that might visit different stores or all the major retailers (possibly looking for a good price, or whatever's closest, etc). I suppose Mattel gets money out of the deal, I just wish they did SOMETHING to counteract the excruciating secondary market prices. I mean, one of these days I'll have to bite the bullet and pay $200+ to complete wave 5. I should only have to do that for con exclusives.

    I mean, these are toys. Think f the children! (I'm only HALF kidding there)

  8. PrfktTear

    no techno glow Skeletor


    Matty: One will be female, one will be male.


  9. Brainlock

    What character is only 16 months old?

    new BatWoman, Damien, OMAC, Zod, others older than that.

    new SuperWoman, Nightwing/Flamebird, Genocide, younger than that.

    Outsiders Owlman? Atrocitus? Black Beetle?

  10. PrfktTear

    I was just re-reading Matty's MOTUC answer…

    Bonus items will be a combination of re-releases, new characters with minimal tooling, logical repaints (i.e. no techno glow Skeletor!) and some other surprises to be revealed at SDCC.

    Now they say re-releases, so one can presume that will be characters like He-Man, Skeletor, Mer-Man, etc that sold out and there would be demand for.

    As far as new characters with minimal tooling would that be considered someone like Stinkor who simply needs Mer-Man's body & Meckaneck's armor or perhaps Moss-Man, who just needs to be painted green. (I'm with Poe who stated before about not being interested in a flocked Moss Man). Would one of those be sold in the same month as say Man-E-Faces or Whiplash?

  11. Motorthing

    This seems to show/prove that you can extract info out of them so we are obviously not asking right – definite rethink needed then.

  12. Nicholai

    A fair share of good answers which I didn't really expect this close to SDCC. News always dries up for action figures/comics during the lead up to SDCC.

    A male and female villain pair for the next mattycollector 2-pack? Hmm………

    Also, I do really like the improved articulation for DCIH, but I wonder if it is too late to salvage the line. In all honesty you'd probably want them to re-do most of the figures they've already done to take advantage of the articulation.

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