Mattel SDCC Update Roundup (UPDATED)

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Mattel’s been posting various SDCC-related updates on their Facebook page–here’s the roundup.

Hey folks,

I want to make sure if their are any lingering questions about SDCC that I get all the info out there. Post your questions in this thread and I’ll check back later today to answer. Please try to keep the questions direct.

For the record, most exclusives will be limited to 6 per person per wait in line. Most items will be available after the show on on Aug 3 at 12:00 noon Eastern time.

Our two fan panels are both opn Friday in room 2. DC Collectables is at 11, and Mattypalooza featuring Ghostbusters and MOTUC is at 1.

See you at the show!



Okay, lets see if we can cover this!

The following will be sold at SDCC:

Egon with Slimer – $20.00

He-Ro with SDCC stamp – $20.00

CARS Firefighter Mater set – $30.00

JLU Green Lantern 3 Pack – $20.00

MOTU Art book – $50.00

Buzz Lightyear with chase ANDY on foot- $15.00

Wonder Twins with Gleek – $40.00

3 3/4″ AntiMonitor $10.00 or free with 50 points

Gleek, “SDCC Stamp” He-Ro and “Andy Foot” Buzz are only available at the show. The versions of these toys available on will be without Gleek (Wonder Twins), the SDCC logo (He-Ro) and “Andy” on the foot (Buzz). Make sense?

Sales will start on preview night. We may “sell out” of product each day, but we have divided all of the product into shipments for each day, so even if we sell out one day, we will get more the next to ensure as many guests can get these figures as possible.


We will have some other merchandise including the following:

DC Barbies
Simpsons Scene It
MOTUC He-Man, Skeletor and Beastman (limit 1 of each per guest on these due to limited stock)
DCUC, IH and JLU stands

Plus a few other surprises.

All sales will be at a new additional retail booth. We will have 8 different registers to help move the line along with a full staff to run this booth.

We will accept cash, Visa and Mastercard only.

We do have plans to re-release a non slimed version of Egon down the road, but it won’t be anytime soon.

We will start selling Preview Night and the goal is to have all items available Preview Night (but you never know what might happen, so we don’t want to make any false promises, but we will do our best to have all items ready to buy.

If the line goes beyond the ropes off area, we will hand out fast pass tickets for you to return to the line a few hours later. More details will be available at the show once we see how long the line gets.


We do highly encourage people to wait until Friday or Saturday to buy their items. Each year we have a long line on Wednesday night but by Friday most guests can just walk up to the booth and buy the same items. Please keep this in mind as you do your shopping. We can’t guarantee we won’t sell out of something, but we can guarantee the lines will be shorter!

We can not reveal production numbers, but we do have different shipments for the online sales. We are not just brining “whatever is left over” online. We have extra production above and beyond what is going to SDCC for online sales on Aug 3 at 12:oo noon Eastern Time.

The MOTU subscription for 2010 will go on sale at 4:oo PM Pacific on Wednesday night and run for three weeks. We will reveal more about what the bonus items are at our Mattypalooza fan panel at 1:00 on Friday.

More from Matty today:

We answered a lot of questions about SDCC in the note thread from yesterday, but to repeat some of the information here:


MOTUC He-R0 = $20.00 (version with SDCC stamp available only at the show)
DCUC Wonder Twins = 40.00 (Gleek is only available at the show)
TS Buzz Lightyear = $15.00 (chase version with “ANDY” on foot only available at the show)
CARS Firefighter Mater = $30.00
GB Egon with Slimer = $20.00
DCU IH 3 3/4″ Anmti Monitor = $10.00 or Free at the Marketing booth with 50 points
JLU Green Lantern 3 pack = $20.00

All of these items are 6 per person per line wait. If you wait in line a second time you can get another 6 of each.

All of the items above (except the SDCC versions, such as Gleek, He-Ro with SDCC stamp and chase Buzz with “ANDY on foot) will be on on Aug 3 at 12:00 noon eastern time.


We will have a seperate booth for sales this year with 8 registers and a full staff. We will except Cash, Visa and Mastercard.

We will bring in seperate shipments each day, so if we sell out on Wed or Thursday, we will have more on Friday. We can not guarantee any of the items as we do intend to sell out of all items by Sunday. Any remaining items left from the show will be sold on We will not be selling to any third parties or dealers.

We will have 500 copies of the MOTU Art book on Wed and 500 on Thursday. We can not guarantee we will have these books past Thursday.

Traditionally we have had plenty of every item by Friday and Saturday and the lines are MUCH shorter. While we can not guarantee we will have all items on Friday and Saturday, we can promise lines will be shorter.

If the lines get longer than the roped off area we will pass out “FAST PASS” tickets which will let you come back into line a few hours later. It will not get you to the front, but it will let you go right into line infront of anyone waiting in the wings or hallway. Honestly, we are not 100% sure how this will work as we will be working with SDCC security throughout the show and will be using the FAST PASS tickets to help managage any long lines. More information will be available at the show.


We will not have WWE items at this show. WWE will be revealed in the fall.

We will have a non slimed Egon figure down the road with a PKE meter, but not anytime soon. Egon is slimed in this version since he comes with Slimer and is the first figure available in the line. (Egon was chosen as the first figure simply because he was the first sculpt approved).

We will have additional items for sale such as DC Barbies, Simpsons Scene it, and some other MOTUC figures; He-Man, Beastman and Skeletor. Because we have very limited supply of MOTUC figures, they will be limited to 1 per person per liune wait. (except He-Ro, he is 6 per person).

We will also have a few DCU items from different brands (we will not have items that are not at retail yet) and we will have all the figure stands for sale.


The AntiMonitor points can only be redeemed at the marketing booth, not the retail booth, at the center kiosk. You must bring ORIGINAL points, no photocopies will be accepted.

Each guest can get up to 1 free 3 3/4″ figure per show. your badge will be stamped. For each additional 25 points (as well as for the first 50 points) you will get 1 raffle ticket. So 100 points gets 1 free figure and 4 tickets. Raffles will be held every day at 3:30 for the 30 inch antiMonitor. You do not need to be present to win, but you must claim your prize by the following day’s raffle or it will be re-raffled off. If you want to buy additional AntiMonitors (3 3/4″ scale) you may do so at the retail booth. But the point exchange for tickets and free figure is only at the marketing booth. Do not bring your Points to the retail booth as they will not be able to redeem them.


We will have two panels on Friday. At 11:00 is DC and Mattel, at 1:00 is Mattypalooza featuring Ghostbusters and MOTUC. New figures and lines revealed at the show will be in the booth shortly after the panels on display. But we will have some info and images at the panels only shown there. So it is well worth your time. (especially for the Q & A!)


We will have signings from the Four Horsemen and Mattel design each day. Times will be posted each day at the booth.


We will updates Facebook each night with the latest news and pics from the show for those fans not in attendance.

Okay! I think that covers all the major stuff. If anyone has further questions just post a comment to this note and I’ll do my best to get back to everyone ASAP. Oh, and we will not be announcing any information about “how many new toys will be revealed” for any one line. You’ll just have to come to the show to find out!


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  1. Nicholai

    I'd pay for the Twins + Gleek (and will do so to anyone who could pick it up for me at SDCC, but there is no way I'd pay $50 (with shipping) for just the twins. While I trend towards completist the original Walmart wave killed that so I guess it won't matter that much.

  2. Motorthing

    Glad I'm passing on all of these – $40 for a two pack of characters I'm not that concerned about? I think not.

  3. americanhyena

    Oh, and I got my Man-At-Arms in the mail today. Second time in a row I've had my order in two days. Woot! (See my mini-review at the Fantastic Exclusive MOTU forum)

  4. americanhyena

    Funnily enough, I'm not actually worried about getting any of their exclusives.

    The first three MOTUC figures though…

    I'll be heading STRAIGHT to Mattel's booth on preview night

  5. Scott

    If Lobo was $25, Wonder Twins was not going to be $30. Yes, Lobo was a little bigger, but when you consider its 2 figures + Gleek + fancy packaging, it's not that surprising.

    @Dead Man Walking: I know it says that, but it also says "We will bring in seperate shipments each day, so if we sell out on Wed or Thursday, we will have more on Friday." It's a bit of a contradiction, but I think some of everything *except the book" will be available each day.

  6. finkrod

    Man, they been holding out on He-Man and Beastman figures?!? Matty, you mother****er! I need those you bitch!

  7. The Flash III

    Yes, well it would serve Mattel right for bein so inflexible with a certain blue plastic monkey. If I were to get the set from SDCC, it would be the one set I'd leave in the box. It just seems like they should be separate from the rest of DCUC.

  8. $40 Wonder Twins aren't going to sell very good on Matty methinks.

  9. dwaltrip

    "That has got to be the dumbest goddamn advice."

    That made me laugh Dead Man. 🙂

  10. Fallen Eldor

    Toyguru said on AFI a while ago that Gleek is $40. I know a few people who wanted that item, before I told them how much it was going to be. Honestly I'm not sure I want them because of the price and I'm a Wonder Twins fan!

  11. Mario

    Same. Very surprised, actualy. Who knows, maybe it'll be one of their "suprises".

  12. PrfktTear

    I'm surprised they didn't, its seems like they've held off a number of every other figure to be sold at Cons.

  13. Mario

    Well, from what I gather reading this, Man-At-Arms will not be available at their booth.


  14. PrfktTear

    @Poe: You gotta know when to hold, know when to fold.

    I could see the rationale of charging $30 because of the swank packaging, but $40?! Thats $15 over price of a regular 2 pack. Its not because its a Con Exclusive because they aren't charging $30 for He-RO or Egon… It it because of the "free" gift?

    I don't want to sound like a bandwagon jumper, but my interest has been waning since around wave 6. Don't get me wrong, I still like all my figures, and I'm planning on trying to collect wave 8, 9, and hopefully 10. After that, I'll have to see. I'm not a completist with this line, so if I don't have the WT I won't feel like my collection is "missing" anything.

  15. Poe

    I'm willing to bet anything they'll still cost $40 on Mattycollector.

  16. The Flash III

    That is pretty pricey, but it could be due to the "free" Gleek that comes with it. I wonder if they'll price it down when it goes on Mattycollector? If they don't come with Gleek, good luck getting someone to pay that much.

  17. Poe

    You know, I didn't even notice the WT set was $40 when I copied and pasted everything. Wow.

  18. Dead Man Walking

    We do highly encourage people to wait until Friday or Saturday to buy their items… We can’t guarantee we won’t sell out of something, but we can guarantee the lines will be shorter!

    That has got to be the dumbest goddamn advice.

    "Hi, I want to buy a He-Ro and Wonder Twins."

    "oh, we sold out on Thursday. But hey, at least you didn't have to wait in line!"

    Of course the lines are going to be shorter; the scalpers have already grabbed their 24 He-Ro's.

  19. PrfktTear

    Wonder Twins with Gleek – $40.00

    WTF?!?!?! $40 for Wonder Twins? I was at worst thinking $30. I guess that was naive of me. I've been setting aside cash for the last few weeks, but WT are now out of my budget. Maybe its for the best, with my waning interest in DCUC, perhaps another more deserving fan (I hope) will have the opportunity to get one. Maybe I'll ask if I can get Egon w/ Slimer instead! 😉

    BTW, I heard this blurb about Mattel on the MarketWatch segment on the news radio this morning…

    Mattel profit surges while sales slump
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  20. Shoot, I didn't save all my Anti-Monitor points…and I'm not going to San Diego…

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