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While cruising around the internets I recently ran across a picture of a upcoming Star Wars figure, or at least it’s a rumored figure at the moment.


It’s funny that I was just thinking the other day that they should do an updated Slave Leia. My old one is too tall and doesn’t have enough articulation. Well, it looks like I’ve got what I wanted! Maybe next time I’ll dream about bikini girls washing my car…

…anyway, Leia here looks great (despite the crappy picture), but she is the perfect example why super articulation doesn’t always look the best on female characters. You see, horny dudes usually design female characters so they are nearly nude, which makes the cuts where the points of articulation look very odd. It’s easier to hide articulation on characters with plenty of clothes, like figures of dudes.

I also like the sitting position add on. How else could you get a figure to look good laying around on a throne like Leia does in the film? If this is the real deal, I can’t wait for this figure to come out.


It Figures #37 – Aztec Noir


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  1. clark

    I think she looks pretty decent for a 3.5" tall, half-naked girl with decent articulation. I especially like the stomach. I guess it all depends on the mass production paint job.

  2. Dead Man Walking

    @Mark: They certainly look odd. The shins and thighs were mainly what prompted my comment.

  3. Actually the more I look at it…is it just me or do the lower legs/shins seem too short?

  4. Motorthing

    Well, it looks next to nothing like Carrie so I guess it must be real.

    That said I'll end up getting one, I buy more Sars now than I did 10 years ago when I took the pledge and swore to give up the habit before i ended up bankrupt.

    Damn George Lucus and his crack-like space opera……..

  5. That's a really well done figure. You'd think they would have made more slave Leia's over the years. That's probably the second or third most iconic thing in Star Wars. I think the figure looks pretty sexy (all things considered) except for the weird leg cuts at the thigh.

  6. Same here, just came across a nice Clone Trooper, might get it.

  7. JediCreeper

    looks pretty official (if a prototype) to me… sadly, I'd probably get it, just for the lower body…

    and I keep saying I'm not going to get more star wars figures… (I have cut back severely, but they keep finding ways into my house)

  8. Fengschwing

    Custom? That 'gun' hand seems a little off to me…I don't recall, did she use a gun on the sail barge?

  9. monkey boy

    hasbro has definitely said they are releasing a new slave leia with a separate lower torso. whether this is a pic of the real deal or someone's professional looking custom, hard to say.

  10. Dead Man Walking

    Gah. That thing is hideous. What's the point of having a figure of a sexy character if the figure isn't sexy too?

    Well, I guess Carrie Fisher's not that hot anyways…

  11. Nice. I would magine Leia will have a cloth loin piece covering her hip joints. Very cool figure. The lipstick could be a little lighter.

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