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Kriegaffe Number 10 by ElDave


Wheeljack screws the pooch on the Dinobots


Review > Clash in the Cosmos (DC Universe Classics)


  1. The Lobster

    Alas, the one figure I will never own…

  2. I need to grab a better camera.

  3. clark

    "What I want to know is, how do you take a photo like that?"

    I can't afford a great camera, but I have been able to get much better photos ever since I got Adobe Lightroom. You just snap the picture and then go in and fix whatever you need to, incredibly user friendly.

  4. Poe

    I didn’t take this pic, but I do own a Kriegaffe (thank goodness!). They go for quite a bit on eBay these days. I’m actually fortunate enough to have one of every comic Hellboy figure except the Ghost of Lobster Johnson.

    Maybe I should do a Show and Tell on the whole line…

  5. clark

    I loved the Hellboy comic figures. Unfortunately I did not get into the character until it was too late to get this guy in the shop. This one, and the alien are two that I still want.

  6. Poe

    What I want to know is, how do you take a photo like that? Whenever I try it, I can't get the room dark enough, or my camera tries to correct for the darkness…

  7. dwaltrip

    Cool shot.

  8. Mario

    I think you should definitely do a show & tell, as this line is quite spectacular & worthy of it.

  9. "Maybe I should do a Show and Tell on the whole line…"

    I for one endorse this notion, 'cause there's a lot about the Hellboy toys that I don't know.

    A few years ago, somebody at Joe*Battlelines posted a photo of some Sigma figures battling a couple-few of those Hellboy gorillas, and I've wanted one ever since.

    That photo, meanwhile, is gorgeous. Just lately I've been seeing a ton of incredible toy photos online that have made me realize I need to take another photography class and upgrade to a more modern camera. Between this shot and that Grimlock vs. Squirrel pic you posted a while back and the devastatingly kickass photos at the Distracted by Star Wars feed ( http://dbsw.tumblr.com/ ), I'm feeling decidedly outclassed. 🙂

  10. Mario

    Not only is this a beautiful pic, but it's a beautiful pic of a beautiful figure.

    I was in a local indy toy store a couple of years ago & passed on it for reasons I can't recall. Needless to say it was & still is a regret.

    I can see why, with a figure like this, you might be less "high" on DCUC, Poe.

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