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Hellboy vs. Grom, War Monster by Poe Ghostal


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  1. dayraven

    have you tried the super glue trick poe? if not, maybe try iz's flosser trick.

  2. The Lobster

    Just like in the comic! Good job Poe!

  3. Poe

    I've gone through two Ramathorrs, and they've both become way too floppy and were relegated to storage.

    I also have Xaanmn (obviously) and Vasshk (the rhino), and they go through long periods of stability interspersed with periods of falling over constantly. Eventually I find the right balanced pose and they stay up, but man, I think the Horsemen should have either made those figures smaller or gone roto.

    Though to be fair, Mezco's Wink, which is even bigger than Ramathorr, stands like a rock. He has less articulation, however–and bigger feet.

  4. dayraven

    jester… even if you get one of the floppy assortment, it's loose knees… most of the guys w/ issues on the fan ex board fixed it w/ the super glue trick. they're not (mostly) like falling apart, they just have floppy knees and some had floppy biceps joints. totally fixable.

  5. Megatherium

    This is pure awesome.

  6. Taruan

    Well crap gotta get that boar now for my hellboy display heh

  7. jestergoblin

    I got the cow when they first came out, but mine's signed so I haven't opened it. I keep very few things MOC. I haven't opened my boar because I don't know if he's from the fixed shipment or not.

  8. dayraven

    mark… storehorsemen.com do it man!!!!!

  9. Mark

    Wish I had bought some of those Seventh Kingdom figures.

  10. jestergoblin

    Poe… you're making me REALLY want to open my 7th Kingdom boar…

    Fantastic photo too!

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