Pic of the Day – “Kirk to Enterprise…”

“Kirk to Enterprise…” by davebushe

Poe’s note: “…don’t wait up.”

Also: is it me, or is this, oddly enough, the best likeness of ’60s-era Shatner ever?


Minimates Playset = Awesome


Odds ‘n’ Ends > Pre-SDCC Edition


  1. nerdbot

    It amazes me how they are able to capture likenesses with just a few lines on those tiny cylindrical heads (of course, the sculpted hair helps — but still…).

    They impress me all the time, but another standout is the Clint Eastwood one from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" set.

    One that I can think of that kind of missed the mark seems to have accidentally hit another one. The Flint Marko Sandman from the Spider-man 3 wave looks more like Luke Perry to me.

    Oh, and Re: Poe's note: Giggity.

  2. Frowny McBeard

    Fencing Sulu was the best figure from this series. His eyes weren't perfect but he was amazing.

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