Pic of the Day – Leonardo & Hellboy by Poe Ghostal

Leonardo & Hellboy by Poe Ghostal

Poe’s note: Despite these figures being based on the styles of two very different artists, I think they look really good next to each other. The paint applications match particularly well, and I think the scales are fairly accurate (Leo’s 4′ tall and Hellboy’s 7′ tall in the comics).


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  1. Digby

    i think the turtles fit in with any line really well just because they're turtles… mine are battling my street fighters

    and i really need that coat

  2. dayraven

    the turtles didn't get color coded masks until the cartoon series… prior to that, every one wore the red mask. but kids are simple, so both the green of the skin and the masks were changed to make it easier for kids to distinguish the turtles from one another.

    the neca turtles are definitely from the mirage comics era, not the cartoon.

  3. The Flash III

    Doesn't Leonardo wear the blue mask? Maybe they all wear red for the series or it's a Star-Trek-like shuffling of colors.

  4. I bought a coated comic Hellboy (with the Japanese heads) off ebay two days ago. It hasn't arrived yet obviously, so I can only ask why must you taunt me so, Mr. Ghostal?

  5. Poe

    Sure, but I've done an awful lot of reading since then…there was a time when I was known as "the Hellboy guy" at my local comic shop.

  6. finkrod

    I thought you said you started reading Hellboy after the first movie?

  7. Poe

    @Finkrod: That's a joke, right? 😉

  8. finkrod

    Ha! Poe's a Hellboy noob.

  9. Cobra1977 (cobra.cre


    you're deep into Hellboy in these days ^__^

  10. Mario

    @ NG: Where can one check out these comics of yours?

  11. Ronnie

    Heh. I'd think Red would get along better with Raph, but that may be me equating like with like. XD

  12. I've been wondering what they look like together. I did a figure comics with the animated Hellboy and the NECA TMNT.

    I may have to try these two together.

  13. Mario

    Man, these are made for each other! I do not know what I was thinking when I decided "pass" on that Hellboy.

    My brain was functioning properly when the Turtles came out, though.

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