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I’m not going to discuss what happened with the various exclusives and so forth–Rustin has promised a rant later in the week, and I’m sure that will cover it all and more.

Instead, I’m just going to list the things that interested me the most.

Masters of the Universe Classics

Photos: AFP

Lots of interesting stuff here. Battle Cat looks great, and the price tag of $30 is surprisingly cheap. The display stands look awesome, too–I’ll definitely be getting a few sets of those (depending on price, of course).

Trap-Jaw looks great, but the optional head and arm to create Kronis is what makes him a likely 5-star figure. Here’s hoping we get a green-skinned repaint (for some reason, I’m really fond of that look).

I’m a wee bit less impressed by Scare-Glow, but that’s only because I was really hoping for that translucent Blight design that I nonetheless knew would be too costly. However, I’m still psyched to get him, finally. And I’m really curious what the story is behind those odd accessories.

I’m also pretty psyched for Wun-Dar. I know some fans aren’t, but I just like the notion of a more Conan-esque He-Man. I’ll definitely be taking off that armor, though. Personally I think they should have given him a 2002-style harness.

King Randor does look like the Burger King, but he’s still cool. And while I’m not that much of a POP fan, I know Dr. Mrs. Ghostal will be happy to see another female action figure added to my collection.

As for the bonus figures, Green Goddess, 2002 Zodak and Battle Armor He-Man: I’ll probably skip GG, and I’m 50/50 on Zodak and BA He-Man.

DC Universe

DC Universe Classics

Pics: AFP

While I don’t regret my decision to trim my DCUC collection and cherry-pick in the future, Mattel is certainly offering a number of treats for those who stick with it.

The Joker looks great, but we already knew that. The 5-pack is even better than expected, so here’s hoping you can actually find it in stores. And as a great supporter of a black-and-gray Batman with a black bat symbol and pouch belt, I’m looking forward to the Public Enemies Batman (I’ll have to do a head swap, though).

Movie Masters

Pics: Figures.com

Kneel before Zod’s 12″ inches! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I’ve never collected 12″ figures, but the head sculpts on these are pretty nice. Not so sure about the bodies, though.

I’m glad we’re finally getting the remaining Dark Knight Movie Masters, though why they couldn’t include the Ghoul and Bruce Wayne unmasked variants is beyond me. In any event, I’ll be getting Jailhouse Joker and Two-Face for sure, and perhaps Bank Robber Joker and Asylum Scarecrow.

World’s Greatest Superheroes

Pics: Figures.com

Wow. Who saw this coming? I’m a shade too young to have any nostalgic fondness for Mego figures, but kudos to DC and Mattel for recognizing the growing popularity of this particular figure type.

DC Infinite Heroes

Pics: Figures.com

These are definitely getting better, and may even be able to compete with MU in the near future (check out the articulation on this Batman).


Pics: Figures.com

They got the Bill Murray likeness rights. All is right with the world.

Somehow, despite my flagging interest in DCUC and enthusiastic-if-not-obsessive interest in MOTUC, Mattel has managed to produce the one line I’m really excited about right now.

And then they made Walter Peck. I’m going to own a Walter Peck figure. This is the end times, people! Watch your dogs and cats for signs of cohabitation!

Miscellaneous Toys

I’ll admit to being lukewarm to Queen Alluxandra and her retinue, but Scarabus and his variants look great, especially this incredibly badass Anubis version. Heck, they all look good–this could be the first time I buy the whole set.

There are going to be Battle Beasts Minimates. “Wait–what?!” you say. It’s true! And awesome. What’s more, DST actually now has ownership of the brand, not just the license, so the sky’s the limit in terms of what they can do with it.

(On a side note, I’m considering covering Minimates more on PGPoA. Would people be interested in that…?)

Leonardo leadsRustin attended an information session with NECA, where we got the story behind the second series of TMNT. As we all guessed, Playmates’s deal with Mirage is preventing NECA from being able to sell their TMNT figures at Toys ‘R Us. But you say: why can’t they just sell them in specialty stores? As it turns out, the problem is with international sales. While the four Turtles in the first wave sold very well domestically, sales were virtually nonexistent overseas due to lack of recognition. Non-U.S. fans knew the classic blue, red, orange, and purple Turtles from the cartoons and movies, but the comic-based Turtles with their all-red bandannas just didn’t sell. Therefore, NECA barely broke even on the line.

Therefore, the plan now is to sell a figure, see how it does, then try the next figure. The first will be April in green and yellow variants in the fall, and if she sells well enough, Shredder will follow. I understand why we’re getting a yellow April–NECA’s hoping that figure, which resembles the cartoon version, will sell well overseas. But why the green version? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to sell the comic-accurate blue version as an exclusive at SDCC, then sell the green and yellow versions at retail–it should be blue and yellow at retail. In any event, fingers crossed that April’s numbers merit us a Shredder. I already plan to pick up a couple Aprils for friends and family.

Bonus question: What would an SDCC wrap taste like?


It Figures #44 > Duncan Whines


Another chance at Gleek


  1. Emerald

    I realize this thread is pretty well dead, but I forgot to mention the other revived 80s line: SuperPowers!

    In fact it looks like 2010 will be the SuperPowers year for DCUC, as well as Green Lantern related figures sprinkled in.

    2009 was the year of the New Gods, with one every wave transitioning into Super Powers for 2010.

    Wave 12 – Desaad (Darkseid pair-up)

    Wave 13 – Samurai (shhh, don't tell but I think Obsidian, Jade, and Atomic Skull all come with parts to build Starro)

    Wave 14 – Tyr? Not sure on this one but would work well with Colossal Boy CnC.

    Thinking Golden Pharaoh and Cyclotron will be a Matty 2-pack. That would leave 80s Mr.Freeze and Plastic Man and DCUC is literally a revamped completed SuperPowers line.

  2. PrfktTear

    Hasbro is bringing back Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears! đŸ˜‰

  3. @Emerald – We did get that GI Joe/MASK cross-over figure last year.

  4. Emerald

    The Half-Empty cup:

    What kind of insanity allowed DC to hand over the 1:6 scale Superman movie rights to Mattel? Have you guys seen the Jor-El Hot Toys did? Why would you want anyone else doing these? Matty might cream himself over the Reeve figure but it looks terrible. A joke to Reeve's memory. Reeve: thick neck, broad shoulders…big guy. Mattel Reeve: pencil neck, no shoulders? I'd be embarassed to show that figure.

    Megos? The first time they tried to market this idea they were 9" figures. So at least these are accurate to the originals, but they look like bad customs.

    I was really looking forward to Trap Jaw and I couldn't put my finger on why this one isn't that exciting. They are trying to capture the goofiness of the originals almost too much me thinks.

    The Half-Full Cup:

    Evenwith the MOTU protos and reviews I have to say I'm always way more impressed with the MOTU figures when I can see them in hand and I have no doubt all of these will be the same. There's no disputing that Man-At-Arms and Merman are REALLY nicely made figures and no online pictures do them justice. 'Course you get what you pay for.

    Speaking of which…as for DCUC, Mattel are starting to get their factory in-step with what they want and I think even goofy figures like Shark will look really nice when done. This is great even though it means A LOT more expensive figures.

    Boy does Ghostbusters bring me back. the figures are nice even if the likenesses are a little comical looking for my taste. The 80's are back man!…now we just need Thundercats, D&D, SilverHawks, Power Lords, MASK, Visionaries…..

  5. Wes

    I'm not sure how I'd feel about more Minimates coverage, but Battle Beasts Minimates sound awesome. I find the Ghostbusters and Terminator Minimates to be somewhat appealing — mainly because I want a Sarah Connor figure (and dislike the MM one) — but I would really be interested in a BB reprisal. And whereas other Minimates look like weird Kubrick versions of the characters, these will look quite a bit like the originals and sport better articulation to boot. WIN.

  6. Andrew

    I'd enjoy more minimates. I'm surprisingly fond of them.

  7. Ben

    I have no beef with Mini Mates, but I DO have a beef with calling whatever that alligator-looking thing shown at SDCC09 being called a Battle Beast.

    The Battle Beasts toyline is arguably my favorite toy line of all time. I'm all for updating the little animal warriors with articulation, and Mini Mates are in an appropriate scale. But when they say they have access to the ENTIRE BRAND, they should try to emulate the originals first, then expand on their own designs from there. They're really going to have to bowl me over with future designs, but I get the feeling DST doesn't care what I think.

    HAVING SAID ALL OF THAT, if they produce other merchandise for the line that reflects back to G1 Battle Beasts, or however we have to refer to them now, then I'll be a happy camper.

    Also, Ghostbusters figures + Murray approval = crazy delicious.

  8. Greatest image ever.

  9. americanhyena

    ABSOLUTELY more minimates!

    Heck, I got most of the SDCC exclusives. I'd be happy to put together some reviews.

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