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The Hellboys I got from Entertainment Earth, I bought Prince Nuada at a Newbury Comics, and the rest were trades. The first one is Magnokor from the Inhumanoids, then the two Hellboy figures, then Mr. Wink, Nuada, and Lucifer from Dark Alliance (Lucifer’s standing on the Moore Collectibles action figure display base, which was produced way back in 1999 and seems to be extremely hard to find these days).

The Hellboys are interesting. They’re not as nicely produced as the 2004 movie line, despite using almost all the same molds. The trenchcoats are very rubbery this time, and the paint is sloppy in places. But the Big Baby gun is awesome, and I really like finally having a shirtless Hellboy with a plastic coat.


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  1. orionpax636

    Magnokor! INHUMANOIDS!!! Man, Poe, if I ever had a suggestion for you it would be for more old school figure reviews. Especially for old classics like Mags over there, his buddy Granok, and the others. I wouldn't mind seeing some Sectaurs or more Robo Force either.

    It comes especially in handy when you find yourself wishing for seemingly impossible to find figures like the Earth Corps. I can almost never find loose complete ones on ebay, and have NEVER seen one in person.

  2. Poe

    Wink, on the other hand, is one heck of a big hunk of plastic. Heavy, too.

  3. I had Magnokor, he's not that big. 7 or 8 inches tops. Magnokor was a staple of my play for years.

  4. Poe

    Magnokor is pretty big. I'll try to remember to take a comparison shot.

    But there were much bigger Inhumanoids, like |||||Tendril and Metlar.

  5. dayraven

    how big is magnokor? i seem to recall he was quite a large chunk o' plastic.

  6. Motorthing

    I have that Dark Alliance line – it's one of those almost lost gems that I'm so glad I picked up at the time – Cremator is still one awesome looking bad-ass even in a time where I have Pitt and ML Juggernaut almost making him look underweight now.

    Lucifer is still banned from my display shelf by my Son – a little too graphic for him!

    I've kind of lost interest in the 6" Hellboy line since I got that 3.75" box set……I have that Hellboy sitting in the back of the BMFalcon armwrestling Chewie.

  7. clark

    @nerdbot: I forgot that all of the pictures of the black shirt Hellboy were different than the one I ordered. I almost never order a new figure online, but I just wasn't sure I'd find him at TRU and the photos were awesome. I was pretty upset to open the box to find that he had an open hand of doom instead of a fist, and kind of a bland expression instead of a snarl. I have never seen one that looks like the photos. Oh well, I've learned to love him anyway.

  8. nerdbot

    I also missed figures from the first Hellboy movie, and picked up some from the second movie.

    From the first wave I got the shirtless Hellboy in the trench coat. He has the sword and Samaritan, but no Big Baby, sadly. The one I have looks rather like yours; was there a version of him with a cigar? And one that came with both a sword *and* Big Baby?

    From the second wave, I got the black t-shirt version. He comes with a cat, a six-pack, and Samaritan again (still no Big Baby for me). All the photos I have seen of it show Hellboy snarling, open-mouthed, similar to the first wave. On mine, his mouth is closed and he's just sort of… scowling. How many damned variations did Mezco put out?

    I agree with Clark; the head sculpt is about perfect. The sculpting and quality on the whole line is very impressive. From the first wave I also have all but Prince Nuada. I'd say Liz is the weakest, but she's still a very good figure. Wink is awesome, and Johann is one of my favorite figs from the past couple of years (up there with DCUC Hawkman, and the Fin Fang Foom BAF).

    Oh- and that Magnokor is sweet! That's another line that I missed out on, as it hit during my later teen years when all I cared about were music and my girlfriend. It has only been in the past ten years that I have rediscovered the things I enjoyed as a kid: comics, action figures and other toys, baseball…

  9. clark

    I missed out on the first Hellboy movie line, so this time around I got the Hellboy with no shirt and trench coat, and then the coatless Hellboy from the second wave. The coatless seems to be of higher quality, and the head sculpt is spot-on Rob Perlman in make-up.

  10. That Lucifer figure was a gift some years back, and holds up pretty well, but man, I hate that spine accessory. How would that even hold together?

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