Captain Kirk’s in Big Tribble


Somehow I missed hearing about this until today, but Diamond Select is releasing a special “Trouble with Tribbles” Kirk–WITH TRIBBLES.

Seriously–7″-scale Tribbles! I don’t own any DS ST merch at the moment, but I may just have to get this. It’s an Amazon exclusive.


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  1. I think they're releasing a Gorn and scuffed-up Kirk two-pack as well, and I totally need that.

  2. Digby

    one more note: before you pay ridiculous prices for TOS figures on ebay, the entire cast is being released in september in two-packs

  3. I just recently got into the AA/DST Trek figures, and I really like them. I've so far been focusing on the TNG figures and what little DS9 figs there are, but the TOS stuff also looks great.

  4. Digby

    It really would be the same… those tribbles are just the little balls of fluff you can buy in craft stores… plus they come packaged with the lame green shirt kirk variant… go with the yellow on amazon for $5 cheaper

  5. Poe

    Of course, I could just take some cotton balls and dip them in pink fabric paint…but it just wouldn't be the same.

  6. I NEED that. Or, at least, just the Tribbles.

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