DCUC Walmart Imperiex Wave packaged images

Man, just can’t keep up today…Mattel has posted in-package photos of the next Walmart wave on their Facebook page, along with assurances that Walmart has ordered more this time around.

They’re calling it Wave 9 for some reason…maybe it was supposed to hit stores in force before the Chemo wave?


ToyFare #146 (featuring my interview w/ Chris Spitale of Lucas Licensing)


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  1. Emerald

    Luv the Powergirl pose in the package. Always wondered how Mattel was able to pitch those Double-Ds to Walmart.

    Walmart: "Gimme Batman and Joker for sure, oh and that thar chick with the …. the others don't matter. Kids'll love'em!"

    McFarlane used to get major flack from Soccer Moms and Bible-thumpers for similar revealing characters.

    Not to long ago a figure like that never would have made it to the proto stage. Ah, times are a changin'

  2. Diego Zubrycky

    I NEED that Joker… Badly.

  3. Which is worse, not having a Wal-Mart in your area and not getting the figures, or having several in the area and one within spitting distance, and not getting the figures?

    Man, I am not looking forward to the day I find like three lonely Foragers on the rack. Prove me wrong, Wal-Mart, prove me wrong.

  4. PresidentJuggernaut

    Wow, I can't believe they actually left so many accessories for the Joker.

  5. Shadeslord

    Found 2 of the Walmart 5 packs today in Chicago south suburbs and bought 1(hooray), with recent lack of work I almost bought the second for EBAY, but as it goes against everything I believe in I will instead have to sell my blood to pay for my DCUC addiction….

  6. andrew

    I only have 1 question: Does Joker have his bang gun that was shown at the SDCC. Does anyone know?

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