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In more news from other people’s websites, Fwoosh has a review of DCUC10’s Joker, Batman, Man-Bat and Beast Boy.

Not liking the glossy paint on Man-Bat, but I’m sure I’ll still get him if I ever actually see him at a store.


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  1. BTW, I just found the Wal-Mart five pack. Haven't been following any news, so I don't know if it's been out there a while yet.

    $55 dollars. For one quality figure- Lex Luthor, who looks GREAT in person.

    Catwoman, however, made me vomit all over the place. Cleanup on aisle seven.

    Still, they had a lot of the sets. This has increased my faith in Walmart, just a little bit.

    As for the set itself, honestly, we could probably find the villain figures loose on ebay pretty cheap. The highlights of the set look like two-face, Luthor, and Batman's head. And yes, the only accessory is Catwoman's whip.

    Still, I want to see more pictures of Imperiex. (Isn't he a little obscure for a Walmart wave?)

    Oh. Right. I forgot about Nemesis/Holocaust. Whoops.

  2. DankOne

    I am really hoping the transition to Matty.com for buying waves will improve the ability to get theses figures… But Mattel leaves me thinking… NO WAY! Why can't they offer the Wally Waves on Matty? Seriously. Power Girl is a MUST… So is Beast Boy. Common Mattel! Better start saving for the eBay purchase now.

  3. Quiet Vampire


    I've got you beat. My local Wal-Mart doesn't have *any* DCUC out whatsoever, and I saw Killer Moth and his fellow ilk for the first time at retail a few days ago at a TRU. I never really took complaints about DCUC's poor distribution to heart until I began looking for a Gentleman Ghost. I was a fool!

  4. Diego Zubrycky

    I just bought today an old superpowers joker… Nice to see that style updated on the new one.

  5. DankOne

    Well color me white with anticipation for a wave that I will most likely never see on a peg. You know this brings up this idea of a trading site on POA. We could certainly help each other out with this and other waves. We have a saying on another forum I frequent.


  6. Emerald

    It'd be nice if Mattel could say that Wally mart has committed to stocking these in every store, but they can't. There are four stores in my area with not a wiff of DCUC ever, so those that have consider yourself lucky. Wally's toy departments here are dismal at best so not much chance of them changing their tune for DCUC.

    Apparently the main toy buyer for Walmart was invited to SDCC to gauge fan's interest at the Mattel panel. The groan when the Wally Wave was announced should have clued them in if nothing else has.

    But one ray of sunshine is that Mattel has hinted that Wave 5 musts like Atom might show up as All-Star pack-ins next year after their 2-year exclusivity clause is up.

    It would be irritating to have to wait for 2 years for a decent priced (non-eBay exclusive) Joker.

  7. Philip

    @ Quiet Vampire

    My Wal-Mart still has no Wave 8 because the pegs are so crowded with Mr Miracle and Killer Moth, and it has a full 6 pegs of space for DCUC.

    Speaking of which, anyone need a Mr Miracle or Killer Moth?

  8. PrfktTear

    @Zach: You and a few thousand other fans! 😉

  9. Zach

    They really are building up this wave. If I can't pick these up, that's it for me. No more DCUC.

  10. It'll be the greatest sham ever if I can't get my hands on these figures. I WANT them. I need that Joker, I need that Batman and I need that Man-Bat.

    Please Walmart, come through for me.

  11. Motorthing


    That's about all I can manage here.

  12. Quiet Vampire

    This wave looks great, but I, too, have to admit my zeal is greatly diminished by my expectation to never even glimpse these at retail (aside from errant, unsold Foragers).

    Besides, I'm still trying to track down wave eight, and it's not even an exclusive … sigh.

  13. Agree on the glossy paint on Man-Bat. But man, sturdier arms on that guy? I'll buy him for that alone. The albino version's weak arms make photographing him a pain.

    I need to get back in the habit.

  14. Templar

    That's it – I HATE Fwoosh / VeeBee for getting the goods first WAAAYYYY before the rest of us mere mortals – WWHHHYYYYY???

    It's almost criminal, the way we are all teased by these reviews of figs most of us will never see on the pegs! And I don't care how many Batman figures one has, that All-Black Bats is a must-have in my book – it's simply the most logical color for the Dark Knight. But I agree that the colors on Joker has been watered-down so to speak – a bit "MEH" , disappointing. But I'm sure we're all gonna tackle amongst ourselves to get him anyway…….

  15. finkrod

    I'm not really happy with the open mouth, but it could be worse I guess. Glad to see they're sticking with the Super Powers accessories.

  16. Dead Man Walking

    Mattel has absolutely the worst drop off from their prototypes to their actual production figures. I mean most DCUC figures look great when you look at the proto, but then you see the actual figures and the plastic is cheap, the paint minimal, and worst of all the sculpt is softened significantly.

  17. PrfktTear

    I have high hopes for Wave 10. I was recently at my local WM Supercenter on a reconnaissance mission, and they actually had DCUC Wave 07 on the shelves, three pegs no less, something that has been missing for the past few months during their renovations. They also had a space on the bottom shelf and a SKU tag for the 5-pack, so I'm optimistic for the wave actually showing up in stores here. Now actually finding them will be another problem.

    I know we shared this problem with many other states, but Massachusetts was one of the unluckiest states in that we did not even get a whiff of Wave 05.

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