Fwoosh has 6″ Public Enemies and Webstor first looks


The well-connected folks at Fwoosh have posted first looks of Mattel’s 6″ Public Enemies and Webstor. First off, Fwoosh–and I think I speak for all toy collectors, but particularly those of us who wile away our time writing blogs about toys and secretly but arrogantly think we deserve some sort of compensation for all the free publicity and yet are ignored like–wait, where the hell was I going with this? Oh yeah, Fwoosh: you go to hell. You go to hell and you die for getting all these weeks-early free samples to taunt us with.

There, now I feel better. Moving on…

Public Enemies – The re-use of the DCUC-style bodies on this “stylized” line really highlights the cheapness of the technique. The animated-style heads plopped on the comic book-style bodies just looks weird. Plus, I think this is yet another case where something in the head sculpt was seriously lost in production–particularly on Superman and Icicle. I like the packaging, though. And it’s nice to see Superman finally get a brighter shade of blue.

I spent quite a bit of time clamoring for a DCUC-style Batman with a pouch belt and the black bat symbol, and this one would only require a simple head-swap with the upcoming All-Star Batman to fit that description, and yet…now that I’m not so close to DCUC anymore, I’ve realized I’m pretty happy with the DC Super Heroes black-and-gray Bats.


Webstor: So Mattel will be selling Webstor in their webstore, eh? Hahaha…sigh.

I must admit, Webstor is the first MOTUC figure I am completely lukewarm on (kind of funny that he’s the first subscription figure…haha, sigh). But I never had Webstor as a kid, so I have no nostalgic attachment to him (string or otherwise). Also, for some reason, he’s striking me as the most generic MOTUC figure we’ve had since He-Man himself (which is silly, since he has a cool inhuman head and that awesome backpack). I’m sure I’ll like him more once I have him in my hands, but I’m looking forward to Teela and Scare-Glow a lot more at the moment.


Show and Tell > Man-Hero and Skulldar


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  1. Fender Strat

    If it makes you feel any better, the rights to Superman appear to have been awarded to the heirs of the creator by a federal judge. Meaning they control more of what makes the character recognizable in the public eye. Including the costume. That costume you see on the action figure today, could very well become obsolete once Warner Bros./DC loses the rights. Bye, bye merchandising. Bye-bye, action figures!

  2. Reverend Ender

    Anyone who only wants the C&C PE figure, I will happily take any leftover figures off your hands for a fair price.

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