New DCUC pre-orders

Enchanted Toy Chest and Entertainment Earth now have pre-orders for upcoming DCUC sets and singles.

Enchanted Toy Chest

Entertainment Earth


Target Smitty and the Last Crusade


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  1. nerdbot

    I very much want the Two-Face, and really like the Catwoman repaint and classic Luthor. So I'll be hoping to find that 5-pack. I'm not holding my breath, though.

  2. Emerald

    I think the retail on the 5-pack is $54.95, and apparently it's already showing up. I wasn't expecting it for another month at least.

    It remains to be seen if even a third of the Walmarts will get them at all though.

    LOD Luthor is a must.

  3. PrfktTear

    Anyone have an estimate for the price of the 5-pack? I'm hoping its not more than $50, I'd really like to get those!

  4. americanhyena

    Man, between Steppenwolf and Mantis, they're KILLING me with these "so-awesome-I-need-both-of-'em" variants.

    Stupid awesome New Gods.

  5. Eric

    I need Wave 11 so bad.

  6. Nicholai

    I'm just going to buy the big 5 pack since I need Two-Face, Catwoman, and love the Silver Age Luthor.

  7. Grenadier

    Awesome–short-haired Supes and black-and-gray Bats are going to be single-carded. Now I won't have to buy that big 5-pack.

  8. Fengschwing

    So many pretty things, so little money…

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