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If you’re hoping that Hasbro will re-release the classic G.I. Joe Skystriker, I hope you’re not holding your breath. First of all, they are going in a more futuristic direction with the movie line. Secondly, the rumor is that Funskool ruined the molds when they had them. But even if they managed to make a new Skystriker, it still wouldn’t be as cool as this jet from JSI:


This is a 1:18th scale F-14 Tomcat, meaning it’s to scale with G.I. Joes and it could be modified to be the most bad ass Skystriker on the planet. It’s got a ton of detail and is a pre-order for the low, low price of 209.00. Okay, that’s not very low, but it’s still damned cool. You know, I think you owe me a Christmas gift from last year. This is a great way to make amends.


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  1. De

    While price is certainly an issue, the space issue is equally problematic. Where the heck would I put it? That thing is 3.5 feet long by 3.5 feet wide with the wings fully expanded!

  2. WANT!

    If Hasbro did a re-release of the Skystriker, I'd be all over it.

  3. orionpax636

    Am I the only one hearing Kenny Loggins?

  4. I'll confess that I want a new SkyStryker. I'm not desperate for it or anything, but I'd like one. Mostly because I just recently watched that Joe stop motion movie and they used them there.

    I wouldn't mind a new modern version though.

  5. Mario

    Holy sh*t that's killer!

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