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  1. dayraven

    and not only was the line gorgeous, but scaled out as well… the trolls were huge, treebeard (at least one of them) was a bloody foot tall, and the hobbits were short. imagine that, a line w/ SCALE!!! toy biz was, i think, the height of the power of action figure. modern mattel and hasbro lines barely grasp that any more.

  2. aguardiandevil

    the lord of the rings line was the greatest movie toy line of all time.they combined great sculpts and great articulation without (to reiderate what quiet vampire said relying on repaints like star wars) the lord of the rings line may have been toybiz' crowning achievement possibly even morseso than marvel legends.

  3. Quiet Vampire

    ToyBiz's LORD OF THE RINGS line is, to me, a glorious but oft-overlooked example of successfully milking a major license without relying on repaints, kit-bashing, and general crappiness throughout the line's life. ToyBiz produced some really amazing product based on LORD OF THE RINGS, even if the lion's share of praise they receive is for Marvel Legends.

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